Series Reading Order: Alien Huntress

This is the series reading order for the Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter:

*Denotes short story/novella


  1. I always like finding a new series – and great to find the correct listing order, as many series don’t have the “number” of the title included. But it would be great on this “reading order” resource to have a thumbnail description of the series – maybe one or two lines? And then maybe a link to a longer description or review, if you have one? In any case, great site, and thanks for maintaining these lists!

    Kerinbot 🙂

  2. On looking at some of the other series, i see some DO have links. I suppose the Faith Hunter books are popular and well-written enough they didn’t need extra info here? If anyone has NOT read this series, I highly recommend it – and the spin-off series, too, which should probably be added here, as the characters and events intertwine? In any case, this series is less of the “erotica” element, though there is tough-gal romance and some hot scenes. Enough for me, and really great “vampire hunter” and “Mysterious past” threads to really drive the story.

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