Series Reading Order: Demonica/ Lords of Deliverance

This is the reading order for the Demonica series by Larrisa Ione:
  • Reaver — Reaver & Harvester (after LoD timeline)
  • *Azagoth
  • Revenant
  • *Hades
  • *Base Instincts
Lords of Deliverance books:

*Denotes short story/novella


  1. From the moment I picked up “Pleasure Unbound” I became a “Demonica” Junkie!!!!! Seriously the way you created this entire plain of existence for Demons is genius! Then instead writing them as evil sociopaths you actually made them these amazing sentient beings even capable of love and remorse! I could honestly – realistically imagine Demons living an everyday existence right along side human beings! U.G. The hospital wow, you are a breath of fresh air in the Paranormal Romance community and I look forward to finding all of your books and devouring them 🙂 !
    Thank you fueling my imagination like never before!

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