Series Reading Order: Dark Series (Carpathian)

This is the reading order for the Carpathian (Dark) series by Christine Feehan:

  • Dark Prince  —  Mikhail & Raven
  • Dark Desire —  Jacques & Shea
  • Dark Gold —  Aidan & Alexandria
  • Dark Magic —  Gregori & Savannah
  • Dark Challenge —  Julian & Desari
  • Dark Fire — Darius & Tempest
  • *Dark Dream (Dark Dreamers/ Dark Nights) – Falcon & Sara
  • Dark Legend — Gabriel & Francesca
  • Dark Guardian — Lucian & Jaxon
  • Dark Symphony — Byron & Antonietta
  • *Dark Descent (The Only One/ Dark Nights) — Traian & Joie
  • Dark Melody — Dayan & Corinne
  • Dark Destiny — Nicolae & Destiny
  • *Dark Hunger (Hot Blooded) — Riordan & Juliette
  • Dark Secret — Rafael & Colby
  • Dark Demon — Vikirnoff & Natalya
  • Dark Celebration — Couples Reunion
  • Dark Possession — Manuel & MaryAnn
  • Dark Curse — Nicolas & Lara
  • Dark Slayer — Razvan & Ivory
  • Dark Peril — Dominic & Solange
  • Dark Predator — Zacharias & Marguarita
  • Dark Storm — Dax & Riley
  • Dark Lycan — Fenris & Tatijana
  • Dark Wolf — Dimitri & Skyler
  • Dark Blood — Zev & Branislava
  • *Dark Crime (Edge of Darkness) — Maksim & Blaze
  • Dark Ghost — Andre & Teagan
  • Dark Promises — Aleksei & Gabrielle
  • Dark Carousel — Tariq & Charlotte
  • Dark Legacy — Dragomir & Emeline

*Denotes short story/ novella


  1. Susan Krasner says:

    Is there a book about Barack and Syndil?

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      No. Theirs was only a secondary romance set up in Dark Fire.

    • I wanted Syndil and Barack to have there own book.

      • Tina Evans says:

        Unfortunately there isn’t.
        The bulk of their relationship is seen in Dark Fire.
        Because Barack never really loses anything, he is in no danger of turning because he is always around Syndil and there isn’t enough ‘meat’ for an entire book.

      • Well there should be cause Syndil is a earth healer at lease she should be a book of her own she should find out about her family and who she is related to.

        • Syndil is related to Riley.
          Syndil’s grandmother was Arabejila’s baby sister. – Confirmed by Christine
          The baby Dax saved before following Arabejila and Mitro after he killed his life mates parents. – Dark Storm
          We know Syndil’s parents perished in the Turk Wars. – Dark Challenge/Fire
          It is assumed Syndil’s grandparents also perished.
          Mitro was Roman Daratrazanoff’s brother, Gregori, Lucian, Gabriel, Darius and Desari’s uncle.

  2. Orji Faith says:

    I like Christine Feehine for the dark series. I wish I could read everything.She is my role model in terms of writing novels.Please keep it up.I really love the dark series.

  3. Mercedes Fiorella says:

    I am collecting the entire dark series. I love your writing.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Martha Loose says:

    How come if Dark Magic is one of the first books in all of the others Gregori has not found his life mate? They keep talking about Gregori as close to turning or seeking the dawn.

  5. Diane Stevens says:

    Ok so I’ve read every one of the dark series, I couldn’t stop once I started. The last one I read was Dark Blood. I just want to know when the next one is coming out? In the meantime I have started on another one of her series.

  6. Thank you for this series. i have noticed the strength of the writing has changed as the series has progressed. My favourite book so far is Dark Wolf, I am looking forward to the next book in the series, The Ghost, I’m sure it will be about Andre.

  7. Was just wondering, do these books have to be read in order?

  8. Bernadine says:

    I have several of your books. I am going to get them all. Thank you for your dedication. I love your dark series.

  9. My best friend gave me Dark Prince a little over a year ago and I have read every book since then. I’m almost caught up with the series. These are a great series of books to get totally lost in. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get caught up to date and will have to wait for the next book to come out!!

    • Carmen Clum says:

      Start the Ghost Rider series! I’ve bought and read both of the released books and LOVE them! New family, new stories!

  10. Was at the Library earlier today. A book on the shelf caught my eyes, it was Dark Ghost. I immediately went to my OverDrive App to download it. To my shocking surprise it was book 27!!!!!! A SERIES!!!!!! Oh boy! I really wanted to read it as a selfie but also didn’t want to abandon the series……so Series it is :).
    I have to wait for the book though, became someone is ahead of me. :(…… I look forward to going into a whole new world with Dark Prince 😉

  11. Jan Kitner says:

    Dark Ghost is numbered 27, and I see Dark Promises, coming out in 2016, listed as #29. Is there a #28?

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      Numbered where? On Amazon? Maybe they are counting the “Dark Crime” novella in Edge of Darkness as number 28. Although Goodreads considers “Dark Crime” to be #27 and Dark Ghost to be #28. Either way, Dark Promises is #29 and there is no full length book between it and Dark Ghost.

      Hope that helps.

  12. Hope Valdez says:

    OK I love your dark series books but I don’t get that in one book. You say that Tempest has twins a boy and a girl then in an other book you only mention the boy. Then again in sisters of the heart Jonas says Hannan gave birth to a boy then later says she had a girl and had a difficult birth. So did Tempest have twins? And did Hannaford have a girl or a boy?

    • Tina Evans says:

      Tempest did have twins but Christine has explained that so far only the boy is ‘speaking to her’ she hasn’t named the girl yet.

  13. Why is “Dark Nights” with Traian and Joie not showing up on the Dark Series order list? I really was interested to find out what happened in Joie’s family, when Traian meets her parents?

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      Dark Nights is an updated version of “Dark Descent” and re-publish of “Dark Dream.” I will clarify it in the timeline.

  14. Marie sigglekow says:

    Love all the books in this series , can you tell me the name of the book to follow the story of Dark Celebration please,
    Many thanks

  15. Mary e fast says:

    Just started ready these.trying to find first of the series.i really love these stories and excited there are more after I read these.

  16. Charlotte says:

    Will there be a book about Emeline and her life mate.Just finished reading Dark Crime and would love to read about Emeline

    • Marcia Conner says:

      I was wondering the same thing as Charlotte. Dark Crime is the first book I’ve read by Christine Freehan . It was awesome-until the last page. What happened to Emeline? Is she and Tariq going to become lifemates? Tell me there’s a continuation of this book.

      • The next book comes out September 5, 2017 and it’s Emmeline and Dragomir’s story. If you didn’t know about Tariq you may have missed a book as he did find a lifemate. Hope that helps

  17. Chardonnay says:

    Is there a book out there with a girl named Joey that travels in her spirit form to the Carpathian mountains to a boy calling out in agony and despair and she confronts him in his cave and speaks with him, and then they eventually meet in person, and he changes her into one of his kind by exchanging blood three times….?

  18. Janet jennings says:

    I’ve so fallen in love with ur the dark series and would be great to see what happens between Barack and syndil. Xxx

  19. I’ve read the entire series so far. Are you planning to write about the ancients that left the monestary and Gary?

    • Magdalena says:

      I have been wondering the same thing too. I get so absorbed into the books, I start to identify with them and their experiences. Gary lost all of his emotions and abilities to see color way too soon. I started reading the series when it first came out then took a break because the books weren’t coming out fast enough. Now, I am starting over to reacquaint myself all over again.

      • 2 of the ancients in the monastery found their lifemates. One is Tegan’s grandmother and the other is Gabrielle. Dragomir’s story is being released September 5, 2017.

  20. Vickie Salazar says:

    What character’s are on the dark carousel?

  21. Donna Coleman says:

    Where does Dark Hunger (Darkest at Dawn) fall in the reading order???

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      It’s after Dark Destiny. Was previously published in the anthology Hot Blooded.

  22. Suzanne Troub says:

    Is this series best read in order or do the books stand alone well? The reason I ask is because I can only find the ones in the middle and they are sparse. Example 1, 15, 12, 21, 20, 7,etc.

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      The romances stand alone ok, but the books are definitely better if read in order, because there are some larger threads that connect from book to book.

  23. Christen Feehan you are a wonderful writer. My husband Shawn turn me on to the series…boy was I happy that he did. We read the same books when he us away from home. So this keeps us, so to speak, together even when we are apart lol. Needless to say I started the series back in March. And I am almost caught up with
    your writing. I believe my three boys will all so happy about that, lol. They say that maybe they can get their real mom back and get some decent meals and not have to do all chores. Because I am in grossed in my DARK SERIES. Thank you for my short vaction with the (Capathrian. Lol I hope I spelt it right).

  24. Are any other series tied into the Dark series?

    • Not as yet.
      The only series that cross over are Drake Sisters, Sisters of the Heart and the new series Torpedo Ink, Judgement Road is the first book and is out in January.

  25. Jessica Austin says:

    I absolutely love this series so much! I am an OBSESSIVE reader and have read this series twice already! Each time a new book is fixing to be released I have started the series again. It’s crazy, I know but I do it with all my other series that I read too lol!! Very avid reader!!

  26. shantella mniso says:

    Will there ever be books or novellas about the kids of the characters?

  27. Hello again Mrs Christine and fellow readers. I just finished reading the first book in the Edge of Darkness. I loved it by the way. The other two books in it are written by different authors. So I was wondering if I needed to read the other two books in it. To keep up with the Carpathians Dark series or can I just go on to the next book on the list, the Dark Ghost to read it. Then when I’m finished with Dark Series, I can go back and read them. Without being being confused about the characters, and wondering if they will be in the other stories. Maybe I am just a little loopy for staying up late and rising early to get thing done and read your books. Waiting for your reply. Signed, Barb W of West Tenn.

  28. april wright says:

    What is the title of the book where Zane, the Carpathian in the monestary, meets his lifemate?

  29. I just finished reading Dark Carousel and I couldn’t it put down! I love Tariq, he’s very modern. Very sweet that the ancient hunters from the monestary are followed in this book. Vampires are stronger, but so are the hunters. I missed the mention or a link to the carparhians from the home land. I really really need to have a clue as to the next “dark” book. Ms Feehan did not leave ANY clues. How is Gary Jensin holding up?…clue….

  30. In Dark Possession, it Manolito and MaryAnne, not Manuel

  31. I’m ready for 31. Who will it be?

  32. Cheryl Agnello says:

    So there is no # 28 in the Dark Series?

  33. Annamaria says:

    What book comes out after Dark Carousel? Because I just can’t wait…just finished Dark Carousel…loved it!!!

  34. linda manley says:

    I need to know what book to start for the carpathian novel I don’t belive all of theys book are in that series

  35. Jerri clark says:

    Would like to order a catalogue of all your books. My name is Kerri Clark address is 601 w 3rd st siler city 92nd 27344. Please and thank you me and my mother are collecting all of your books. We have even gotten one of her daughters reading them and collecting them to. So please send a catalogue.

  36. When & What is the next book

  37. I did not know that it was a series and started with Dark Ghost (Andre), then read Dark Prince. The antagonist in Dark Prince is named Andre. Assuming that is not the same Andre from Dark Ghost?! Not sure why it bothers me so much. I haven’t read the books in between though so perhaps he is brought back from complete destruction…?

  38. blessing Sunday says:

    I will love to read josef,Gary and Paul love story

  39. In what book does Raven give birth to her son?

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      It seemed like Raven was pregnant forever, didn’t it? We meet Sandu for the first time in Dark Lycan. I believe he was born off page.

  40. Someone just bought me dark wolf. Can I read it as stand alone or should I begin from the beginning of the series?

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      The romances in these books are designed to be standalones. The thing with Dark Wolf, though, is that it’s a payoff on a slow burn romance that readers followed for many, many books. Dark Wolf is also the second in a subtrilogy that begins with Dark Lycan.

      You could read this alone, but you will definitely not get the same thing out of it that a longtime reader would.

  41. When
    Is next dark series installment?

  42. kathryn koontz says:

    I have read all the dark series books. I need more. Dark crime was the last one out. But I had already read the ones after it. Are you working on more books? Josef and Gregori twins girls the prince son, we have to have books on them. Please give us more. I started with the book Dark Ghost not knowing it was a series. Well when I finished I saw my mistake. I was hooked. I went to the beginning and started. I didn’t care how many books I had to read just as long as they were there to read. I love them and they were funny and just great reading. I loved the personality of all the warriors and their mates. thank you and I am looking forward to reading more. Are you working on a new book. again thank you

  43. Margaret V L Tyson says:

    I don’t read anthologies with groups of authors, is there a grouping of short stories to complete the reading order ( story order or do I have buy books where I only read the stories by Ms. Feehan?

  44. Gary looses Gabriell in Dark Promices. Which book does Gary find his lifemate, or isn’t the book written yet?

    • Magdalena Balbas Hicklen says:

      I think there are a lot of us that are waiting for Gary Jansen to find his lifemate. It would be awesome if one of Gregoris daughter’s turns out to be his lifemate since he was in Gregoris protection and care. It was sad how the book ended with Gary leaving and losing his emotions and his ability to see colors long before he turned 200 years old.

      • Izitachi says:

        I thinkm his license is the French girl from the last book, the one that wants to go back to Europe because something is pulling her there… and it was mentioned that Gary’s lifemate was in France or somewhere in Europe. Sorry i read so many different series waiting for this series, that I forget names.

        • Izitachi says:

          I think his lifemate is the French girl from the last book, the one that wants to go back to Europe because something is pulling her there… and it was mentioned that Gary’s lifemate was in France or somewhere in Europe. Sorry i read so many different series waiting for this series, that I forget names.

      • Gary couldn’t be lifemated to a Daratrazanoff baby. When he converted he became a Daratrazanoff.

  45. Michelle Courts says:

    Please please please can we get another reunion celebration book. This series is so awesome. This is one series that I have to read the book as soon as it comes out even if I have to take off work. Thank you so much.

    P.S. Keep them coming.

  46. Karon S Simons says:

    which book in the series bring the Carpathian Hunters to North America? Just started reading the series again after being away from it for awhile.

    • Dark Crime introduces us to the Carpathians in North America, but Dark Carousel is where we really begin to enter their compound.

  47. Lola Lehmann says:

    Carpathians Hunters to North America,…
    To me it start with book
    #3 Dark Gold… Aidan Savage saves Alexandria Houston
    #4 Dark Magic brings Gregori Daratrazanoff for Savannah Dubrinski his mate
    Aidan and Gregori work together for awhile
    on my mind
    #5 Dark Challege Julian Savage and Desari Daratrazanoff
    # 6 Dark Fire Darius Daratrazanoff and Tempest (Rusty)
    #9 Dark Guardian Lucian Daratrazanoff and Jaxon Montgomery
    # 12 Dark Melody Dayan Daratrazanoff and Corinne Wentworth
    #13 Dark Destiny Nicolae Von Shrieder and Destiny
    #15 Dark Secret Rafael de la Cruz and Colby Jansen
    #30 Dark Carousel Tarik Asenguard and Charlotte Vintage

    I only see here the wonderful and yes they are AWESOME. but give credit sometimes the reader “ME” afer expending my HARDEARNED money as a Senior is so upset. The long wait for #29 DARK PROMISES WAS NO WORTH MY MONEY. Same for #30 Dark Carousel…. sad but true. and this coming from a Fan that have all of her Series. What happened to Gary Jansen ??

    • Oh Gary. When Gary was converted to save his life, he underwent a ceremony in the chamber of the ancients, basically to see if he was accepted as a Carpathian and Daratrazanoff.
      Unexpectedly he was filled with the darkness of previous Daratrazanoff males who didn’t find their lifemates.
      This has made him incredibly powerful and dark. He has tremendous healing capabilities but possibly very easily turned.
      He says he knows where his life mate is and he is waiting until she is old enough.
      Mikhail has sent him to assist Tariq and the New Guard in North America.

  48. Lola Lehmann says:

    See, Lovely and amazing Syndil and Barack don’t have their own story
    they just have a couple of lines when Barack kiss her in front of all her family.
    “You are mine Syndil” No one else will have you” “you can not just decide that” she whispered her hand pressed to her mouth, her eyes wide with shock.
    “No?” He placed both hands in her shoulders .
    “In the presence of our family, I claim you for my own. I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time . You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care” so romantic (LOL) after that there is a page of bickering and that is all that wonderful and Courageous lady got for a Love story.

  49. Hi! I have and have read the whole Dark series. I can hardly wait for the new ones to come out so I end up re-reading the previous books. I was wondering what happened to Juliett’s sister, Jasmine? She got pregnant but I haven’t read anything else. What book is she in? Thank you!

    • I am waiting for this answer to jaz was raped does she not deserve a mate?

      • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

        That’s really a question for Ms. Feehan. I don’t know the answer to that.

        • My bet is on Jubal and Jasmine; there was a scene in the book with Dax staying at Rafael Delacrus’ home describing Jazmine as very pregnant and Jubal being drawn to her. He was very attentive to her.

    • There has been three years between Dark Celebration , Skyler was 16 in Celebration, and Dark Lycan where Skyler was 19; so Jasmine would have had to have had the baby. We haven’t heard anything about her yet. I do know Christine is focusing on the New Guard in America for the next few books.
      Something is going on with Aidan, Christine has a goodreads blog post about it, without saying what it is.
      We all hoped Gary and Gabrielle would get together, even after Gary was converted, but Christine smashed that fantasy by hooking Gabrielle up with Aleksei and placing Gary’s life mate in France.
      I am not getting my hopes up for a Jubal Jasmine love. Jasmine is Jaguar and able to be converted and I would not be the least but surprised if Jasmine ends up being a life mate to a Carpathian. I hope not, but we’ve been wrong before lol

  50. I love the series! Will there be a new book after Dark Carousel?

  51. I was wondering would there be another celebration reunion. Really wanna see the kids grow up and if some the ancients find lifemates and have kids. And really wanna see more Grandma Trixie and really want Gary to find his lifemate. And see how Val will be with Liv once able to legally claim her.

  52. What book did Gary become Carpathian??!

  53. Thank you so much, Ms Feehan for the pleasure of reading your dark series. I am an avid reader and #1 fan of your books. My only humble request would be to see another reunion celebration in print soon.

  54. Christine says:

    Where does the book Scarletti Curse come in order of series.

  55. Donna Tyus says:

    Is there a place one can order these books in a box set? I had all of them in hard back and soft back then my house burned down and I’m collecting them again but it would be much easier to have them all in one wack. I ordered a set of like the first 21 from amozon in soft back and got double copies of a couple​ and I am starting to find myself fustrated as I need to collect the other series too again and I want then now lol as I miss my friends. Christine feehan is absolutely best novelist on the planet.

  56. Grace Romero says:

    When is the next book coming out for the Dark Series?

  57. SHERYL JECMEN says:


  58. Theresa Budden says:

    I think your books are really awesome I’ve been reading your books for years . I read them over and over . Thats how good they are especially the dark series and the ghostwalker series. I just love your books

  59. Beth Bentle says:

    Please write more Christine FeeHan I have read almost all the books in the series and want more

  60. SHERYL JECMEN says:


  61. Norrese Whitman says:

    I love your Carpathian novels. I’ve read the series twice now. What’s coming after Dark Carousel and when can we expect it.

  62. Cat Hudspeth says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if they made movies of the Dark series? Yes yes yes. Love these books& the other by CF as well.

  63. Anne Surratt says:

    I have been reading and loving the Carpathian series for several years and have most of them. Was very gratified to learn tha t there were several more to collect which I will begin ordering.
    I also have been reading her other couple series and actually collect anything she writes.
    Christine Feehan is an outstanding author and really brings her characters to life.

  64. Will that Carpathian series continue ? If so when can we expect the next book ? I just finished Dark Legacy. I love this series and have read every book Christine has written.

    • Datk Sentinel comes out August/September 2018. We don’t know who it’s about yet.
      Christine has said the coming books will focus on the New Guard and if it is relevant to the story we will get an update on those in the Carpathian Mountains.

    • Update: Dark Sentinel is about Andor and a new character, Lorraine.

  65. Jodie Broom says:

    I love the dark novels. I think that Christine Feehan is an amazing writer. My hope is to own all the books in the dark series. Her writing makes the characters leap off the page
    When I start reading her books I can’t put them down.

  66. Belle Dougherty says:

    I absolutely love the Carpathian series – I am seriously obsessed! I only have about 2 books left until I am done with the ones that have been written – does anybody have ideas for new stories? Anything along the lines of these books!! 🙂

    • try Karen Marie Moning “The Fever Series” is really good

    • Kristen Painter’s series Nocturne Falls and sister series Miss Frost are both modern, fun and paranormal.
      Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters
      J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood
      Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson
      Larissa Ione’s Demonica
      Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed
      And so many more

  67. I want to know that Gary Jensen find his true lifemate

    • Meleanna Kanawaliwali says:

      Riiiight I want to hear more bout him also. Although his lifemate isn’t born yet, he’ll meet her in Paris.

    • Christine has said we won’t get Gary’s book for a while. She is focused on in the States and the New Guard at the moment.
      In her Goodreads Ask an Author she has hinted to something going on with Aidan Savage who is also in the same general area, but we have to wait for details on that too.

  68. Meleanna Kanawaliwali says:

    Do you think Genevieve will be someone’s lifemate? And when will the last of the Malinov brother’s end. Hopefully they take it back to the Carpathian Mountains. I want to hear more of the children and if Dimitri/ Skylar, Fen/Tatiana or Zev/Branislava will have children of their own.

  69. I have found “Dark Nights” where on the list does this book fit into?

  70. Krystal allen says:

    I don’t see Dark Skye listed and it was a good story. Was it a spinoff or reboot of another book?

    • Christine hasn’t written a Carpathian book called Dark Skye, can you share some details?

      • Kresley cole – immortals after dark. J r ward – the black dagger brotherhood
        Also rebbecca zanetti – DARK PROTECTORS…. (she has several series that are linked).

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      There was a Kresley Cole book called Dark Skye. It was part of her Immortals After Dark series.

  71. Judith Taylor says:

    Hi. Mrs Feehan, Question for you, will there be a book about the three brothers, Mataias,lojos, tomas And gary jansen and jubal sanders.

  72. I love this series of books and its taken me a couple years to collect them all but now i see theres another 1 I get to add to my collection…yeayyyy!!!!! Love the passion and erotica through the story line. Please keep writing and bringing all us readers our escape from where ever we are to the Carpathian mountains.

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