Review: Master of Desire

Draven of Ravenswood is a man hardened into a warrior by a cruel father.  His name is whispered; his reputation, that of a relentless demon on the battlefield.  He trusts no one, except for his brother Simon and cherishes nothing except his honor.

Someone has been pillaging his lands and he suspects his neighbor, Hugh. The same thing is happening to Hugh and he suspects Draven. So they take their grievances to the king. His majesty decides to send Hugh’s daughter to live with Draven for a year. That way, Hugh would never attack Draven’s land.  And Draven gives his word of honor to protect the woman from harm and from lust.

The only problem is…. the first time Emily sees Draven, she wants him for her husband.  She goes to work, trying to seduce him.  And he wants her too. But he also knows that if he breaks his oath, the king will kill him. And beyond that, he fears that he is not worthy of the lovely lady.  He is afraid he holds the same monstrosity inside himself, that once led his father to kill his mother.

This was a solid historical romance.  Despite her innocence in the bedroom, Emily is smart and tenacious.  And Draven is a wonderful wounded hero.  It was easy to root for them. And when they finally come together… well, let’s just say Sherrilyn Kenyon (Kinley MacGregor) can write the heck out of a love scene.  I really enjoyed it. 4 stars.

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