Series Reading Order: Mercy Thompson (& Alpha and Omega)

This is the reading order for the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs:

The Alpha & Omega series runs concurrent, in the same world. The first story in the series coincides with events in the 1st Mercy Thompson book:

*Denotes novella/short story


  1. Brianna kalwasinski says:

    Is there more of the alpha and omega series going to be added?

  2. Hi. I see you have NOT included the short stories. They are there to be found in other lists, and were collected in Shifting Shadows. For each story Patty has prefaced it with a note for its proper place in the timeline.

    Can you add the shorts to this list?

  3. Judy Dushoff says:

    Whups, not sure what you wanted for ‘website’? Anyway something wrong got posted In there when I pasted, something abt. Dick Francis.

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      Don’t worry about that! The comment section allows other bloggers or authors who comment to share their website for links back.

  4. Ann Beall says:

    Love the Mercy Thompson Series so much I had to have it on my book shelf! Even bought the ones I had already read.

  5. Christine Domenech says:

    Would love a list of all your books in reading order…


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