Series Reading Order: Night Huntress

This is the reading order for the Night Huntress (Cat & Bones) series by Jeaniene Frost:

*Denotes Night Huntress world book
**Denotes short story/ novella

The short story Reckoning is a prequel which features Bones before he met Cat.  Happily Never After and Devil to Pay are Night Huntress world novellas that do not feature Cat & Bones.


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  2. Michelle Urioste says:

    I am IN LOVE with your novels! I am intensely addicted! I have listened to the entire Cat and Bones universe (through Audible) at least four times… Starting on five today! :p
    Your wit, imagination, your ability to tie the reader, bound, to each book, and leave us thirsting for more is such a mundane way of the attempt to describe my love for each of your novels.
    Thank you eternally for giving all of your readers, especially me, so much to hold onto and look forward to.

    Most sincerely,

  3. Arelena Howington says:

    I love Cat & Bones! I have re-read this series over and over! When will we see another book featuring them?

    To Jeaniene Frost:
    Thank you for your wonderful books! You are a wonderful & Excellent writer! I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS!

  4. Elaine Tamez says:

    How dare you write so beautifullly of the erotic love between Bones and Cat! I am sixty-six, and this relationship has my heart beating faster and the juices flowing. I wasn’t prepared for that as well as laughing out at the humor and wit in your stories. I may have to wake up my darling old man during my midnight reads.

  5. Angela Heskey says:

    Love your books. You are an amazing writer.

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