Review: Iron Kissed

Reviewed by Jen

If the first book in the Mercy Thompson series focused on the world of werewolves; and the second book revolved around the vampires; this third installment is book that gives us an inside look at the fae.

Mercy is a shapeshifter, who can turn into a coyote. And she owes the fae a favor for the use of some vampire-killing tools she used at the end of Blood Bound.  So when her friend and former boss, Zee, asks her to come to the fae reservation to help sniff out a murderer, she agrees.  Using her coyote senses, Mercy makes quick work of her task. But things get really complicated when the perpetrator ends up dead and Zee is accused of his murder. That sends Mercy on a mission to clear her friend’s name. And she has to go against the wishes of powerful fae to do it.

Mercy’s also got a lot going on her personal life. She finally makes a decision between the two werewolves fighting for her love.  And she’s afraid of how that choice will change her life.  And in the course of the book, Mercy is dealt an enormous, unexpected blow that will be very difficult to recover from.  It was bad enough to witness the events on page, but the aftermath is even more crushing. How it was handled shows us what Mercy is made out of… and the reaction of the pack shows us where she really stands with them all.

This isn’t a series for cursing or hot sex scenes. But the author makes some very bold choices. And this is an exceptionally strong installment to a very solid series. 5 stars.


  1. I’m finally getting around to reading this series and this book caught me by surprise. I almost quit it, bored as I was by Mercy’s sniffing around houses for way too long, but I’m glad I picked it back up. The events near the end slayed me. I’m still in the recovery position now. Jesus. Onto book four.

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