Series Reading Order: Black Dagger Brotherhood

This is the reading order for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and the spinoff Black Dagger Legacy books by JR Ward:

Black Dagger Legacy begins chronologically after The Shadows:

  • Blood Kiss (Craeg & Paradise)
  • Blood Vow (December 2016)

*Denotes short story/novella


  1. Theresa Cebollero says:

    I like the paper back books because I can put it in my purse or jacket. When does The beast come out in paper book ? I love the series but did not connect with Blood Kiss.

  2. julia a capps says:

    I can’t find where on line to purchase your Black Dagger Brotherhood Books. I only have four. I need the first about Wreath, then on until Lover Mine then continue to the last one you wrote except for Lover at Last. Please help me find where to go to purchase these wonderfully written novels. Thank you very much for your assisst.

    • julia a capps says:

      I placed my name and my email on the required space.

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      Each book in this list is a hyperlink to a review. At the bottom of each review is a buy link for Amazon. I hope that helps.

    • Amazon is excellent for getting either new or used titles!

    • I use a free download able app called general e-books reader. Have to type that into Google and choose the link that has the website general e-books and as soon as you the website you can download and every single book in the series is on this app for free. Instead of.8.99 in paperback at barnes and noble. Which I bought anyway because I like book stash. But many any titles and series I’ve found for absolutely free instead of buying. Another great series is “the nightwalkers” jacklyn frank I believe. There is no credit card required. No sign up. No account needed…nothing. I use this app on my phone all the time now! It’s amazing. Download available for android and Mac I’m pretty sure.

    • eBay!!

  3. I am so looking forward to THE CHOSEN …

  4. Edria Johnson says:

    I have read each and every black dagger book. Some of them twice. You are an extraordinarily writer. I would love to see what you do with Lassiter , also can you get make Trez happy? Will Assail get the girl? Oh and I read all of your Fallen Angel books. In the last book, it was implied Lassiter would be the next person of interest. BDB or Fallen Angel? Thanks

  5. Lynn Hernandez says:

    I love this series, pleae tell me they are going to make a movie or at least a mini series.

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