Series Reading Order: Lords of the Underworld

This is the reading order for the Lords of the Underworld Series by Gena Showalter:

*Denotes short story/novella.  Only “The Darkest Angel”  includes any characters from the full length novels.


  1. Beth Kiser says:

    Love this series and anxiously awaiting the stories of all the Characters…definite reread material and shared with many friends

  2. just finish reading The Darkest Craving, awesome book I might add, however, I’m kinda confused. In the book was William’s kids, Red, Black, Green and White. Did I miss a book somewhere? I don’t remember them in any other story..Please let me know,
    thanks, Cricket

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      They are the four horsemen. I want to say we met them in Strider’s book. And if memory serves, they aren’t his children with a woman in the traditional sense… I think they sprang forth from him like a purging of his darkness or something like that. Hope that helps.

    • Brenda Lucido says:

      I love your Lords of The Underworld series. I have read and re- read them all and I am anxiously waiting for your newest book. This series should be made in to a tv series. I am surprised that nobody has done this yet. I think that you are a great Author Gena. Keep the lotu series coming. I love them books. I do not want to put them down. I can not wait until June for your new book.

  3. Marisa Wollner says:

    They are in Amun’s story. Ge meets them with Haidee in Hell. They have to go there because of his curse. The four horsemen cut off his hands hands during a poker game. .great read

  4. I read everyone, all of them, I have laughed, cried, fought, damn I should just say I’ve done and felt everything they all went thru, I Loved every second,, I’m SO looking forward to Paris’ story, I do so very much love all of them, I would love for any if the “Lords” to be my man… Thank you for bringing my life SO much pleasure, your the best!

  5. Where did gilly come from? I know she is in the darkest passion and William has a crush on her; but completely missed where she came from, where they found her?

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      I believe she was introduced in The Darkest Pleasure. She worked as a waitress with Dannika.

  6. What I am wondering is, is the great William “the ever Randy” going to have a book too? And if Cameo doesn’t end up with Torin. Then will she have a book? Not to mention what will happen to: Galen, Fox, Legion, Ever, Urban, and all of the other wonderful couples

  7. Love this its like watching a movie in ur head cant wait to read Gelan and legion story plus william and gilly

  8. Best series books ever, and I have read alot. I am completely addicted to the lords, and to Gena showalter brain.she knows what I like and delivers everytime. There was talk about a movie or a TV series. I don’t think a movie would be enough to satisfy my craving for the lords, so I vote for TV series, and as far as who should play these fabulous roles. When I read the the first book about Maddox and ashlyn, I pictured Maddox as Jensen Ackles from supernatural and Gena Showalter as Ashlyn. That would be hot. As far as Reyes I always pictured Leonardo Dicaprio , Stuart Townsend would make a great Paris , the way he looked in queen of the dammed . The only downside to these books , I have never met a mortal man that could measure up to the lords.

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