Series Reading Order: Lords of the Underworld

This is the reading order for the Lords of the Underworld Series by Gena Showalter:

*Denotes short story/novella.  Only “The Darkest Angel”  includes any characters from the full length novels.


  1. Beth Kiser says:

    Love this series and anxiously awaiting the stories of all the Characters…definite reread material and shared with many friends

    • Goffrey Mason says:

      Oh my god!!!!! I have just finished the darkest night what a beautiful love story. The way I read all books my mind pictures the story as it unfolds and I felt every kiss every cut every emotion. Can’t wait to read the next book darkest kiss.

  2. just finish reading The Darkest Craving, awesome book I might add, however, I’m kinda confused. In the book was William’s kids, Red, Black, Green and White. Did I miss a book somewhere? I don’t remember them in any other story..Please let me know,
    thanks, Cricket

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      They are the four horsemen. I want to say we met them in Strider’s book. And if memory serves, they aren’t his children with a woman in the traditional sense… I think they sprang forth from him like a purging of his darkness or something like that. Hope that helps.

    • Brenda Lucido says:

      I love your Lords of The Underworld series. I have read and re- read them all and I am anxiously waiting for your newest book. This series should be made in to a tv series. I am surprised that nobody has done this yet. I think that you are a great Author Gena. Keep the lotu series coming. I love them books. I do not want to put them down. I can not wait until June for your new book.

  3. Marisa Wollner says:

    They are in Amun’s story. Ge meets them with Haidee in Hell. They have to go there because of his curse. The four horsemen cut off his hands hands during a poker game. .great read

  4. I read everyone, all of them, I have laughed, cried, fought, damn I should just say I’ve done and felt everything they all went thru, I Loved every second,, I’m SO looking forward to Paris’ story, I do so very much love all of them, I would love for any if the “Lords” to be my man… Thank you for bringing my life SO much pleasure, your the best!

  5. Where did gilly come from? I know she is in the darkest passion and William has a crush on her; but completely missed where she came from, where they found her?

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      I believe she was introduced in The Darkest Pleasure. She worked as a waitress with Dannika.

  6. What I am wondering is, is the great William “the ever Randy” going to have a book too? And if Cameo doesn’t end up with Torin. Then will she have a book? Not to mention what will happen to: Galen, Fox, Legion, Ever, Urban, and all of the other wonderful couples

  7. Love this its like watching a movie in ur head cant wait to read Gelan and legion story plus william and gilly

  8. Best series books ever, and I have read alot. I am completely addicted to the lords, and to Gena showalter brain.she knows what I like and delivers everytime. There was talk about a movie or a TV series. I don’t think a movie would be enough to satisfy my craving for the lords, so I vote for TV series, and as far as who should play these fabulous roles. When I read the the first book about Maddox and ashlyn, I pictured Maddox as Jensen Ackles from supernatural and Gena Showalter as Ashlyn. That would be hot. As far as Reyes I always pictured Leonardo Dicaprio , Stuart Townsend would make a great Paris , the way he looked in queen of the dammed . The only downside to these books , I have never met a mortal man that could measure up to the lords.

  9. Hello everyone. Is there a book of cameo’s story out? I finished the darkest touch and cant wait for the next book

  10. When is william and gilly finally! I so cant wait.

  11. Going to get together. Oops!

  12. When is william and gilly finally

  13. I hope Cameo gets her story soon. No pressure Gena. But her demon is Misery and like nobody and seriously nobody can be around her without frowning at first. Torin sure he is “ok” with her, but he at least touch somebody. And yeah now he has his happy ending with his woman. I’m impatient for Cameo book, but I’m willing to wait years because I want you too hook her up and make it a book I can read over and over. Then actually get sad when I finished. (B/c I finish it)
    Your the only author that does that to me. I’m picky. But your lords of the underworld is what I need. Don’t let me down.
    Once again keep up the exceptional work!!
    A true fan
    P.S I buy your books and hope I can get one sign some day.

  14. I’ve got the new book darkest torment which is badens but I’m confused as it starts out in the castle and everybody is there.. All te horsemen, atlas and Nike, gallen, Am I missing a book?!

  15. Love your books
    Love all the guys and their tattoo, dam!
    IT’S HOT

  16. I absolutely fell in love with this searies as Gena was writing them, looking forward to the next book every time I finished the last! I was al caught up and hen life happened and I forgot to keep looking for the next ones. So excited to see a bunch extra, just got crave and torment for Christmas 2016. Can’t wait to catch up on them. Currently reading darkest surrender.❤ Thank you for writing such gorgeous books!

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