Review: A Lady’s Wish

Reviewed by Jen

This short story is exactly what I’m looking for when I read a historical romance. It was heartwarming, sexy and didn’t detract from the romance with any contrived sidestory.

Patricia and Nikolas had one glorious day together, nine years ago. But circumstances separated them and they have thought of each other with longing ever since. Nik went on to become a successful sea captain, while Patricia suffered through a loveless marriage. But she’s a widow by the time they cross paths again. And while she is no longer an innocent, she has never felt the fire and passion she felt for Nik in her youth. At least not until she is with him again.  Both characters are cautious in their accidental reunion.  Each wants the other as much as that day years ago…
The only thing I didn’t like about this story is that there wasn’t MORE of it.  Both lead characters were likable and fleshed out.  Their relationship was both sweet and sexy.  Simply excellent.
This is part of the Rouges at Sea series, but is easy to read as a stand alone.  5 stars.
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