Review: Invincible

Reviewed by Jen

Sherrilyn Kenyon continues her YA Dark-Hunter companion series, with this second installment of The Chronicles of Nick.  Invincible picks up mere seconds after the conclusion of Infinity, with Nick’s revelation that his boss Kyrian is something other than human.  I have to say that this was a little disappointing. I had hoped that Nick would age with each book as he grew closer to the timeline of the DH books where he first appeared. But alas, he is still 14.

Thankfully, though, this installment did not have any zombies.  Instead, it focused more on Nick as he begins to realize more of his powers. The backdrop story is an evil football coach who is blackmailing Nick while (in a series of deaths which may or may not be unrelated) 14 year-old boys at Nick’s school are showing up dead.

Ambrose, or future-Nick, is back, trying to guide his younger self into making better decisions. Also showing up to guide Nick are Caleb (a demon) and Kody (some kind of immortal there to make sure Nick doesn’t go all evil.)   Caleb seems to be developing a soft spot for the teen.  And Kody seems to be getting romantic feelings for him.  Which is creepy because he is 14… and while she looks like a teen, she is clearly much older.

Nick’s mom starts the job at Sanctuary that we’ve heard so much about in Nick’s future. And Savitar makes a squee-worthy appearance, though sadly it is short.

I don’t really know how I feel about this series.  And maybe that’s because I am so clueless as to the endgame AND how it will eventually work itself into the DH universe.  I definitely liked it better than Infinity. And I have my fingers crossed that as Nick grows into his later teen years, I’ll enjoy them more. 4 stars?

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