Series Reading Order: Otherworld

This is the chronological order for the stories/ events of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series.  While you will find many short stories that come first in the series timeline, I strongly urge new readers to begin the series with Bitten, before reading the short stories.  Having some context from the first novel will make the short stories much more enjoyable. Short stories are indicated by an *

*Rebirth (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrator: Aaron
*Infusion (Men of the Otherworld) – narrator: Malcolm
*Savage (Men of the Otherworld) – narrator: Clay
*Ascension (Men of the Otherworld) – narrator: Clay
*Demonology (online short story) – narrator: Talia
*Bewitched (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrator: Eve
*Birthright (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrator: Logan
*Beginnings (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrators: Clay & Elena
*The Case of the Half-Demon Spy (online short story) narrator: Adam
*Expectations (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrator: Lucas
*Truth and Consequences (online short story) – narrator: partly Elena
*Territorial (online short story) – narrator: Karl
Bittennarrator: Elena
*Ghosts (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrator: Jeremy
*Escape (online short story) – narrator: Eve
Stolen narrator: Elena
Dime Store Magicnarrator: Paige
Industrial Magic narrator: Paige
*Wedding Bell Hell (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrator: Paige
Haunted narrator: Eve
*Adventurer (online short story) – narrator Kenneth
*Chaotic (Dates from Hell) – narrator: Hope
*Bargain (online short story) – narrator: Xavier
Brokennarrator: Elena
*The Case of El Chupacabra (Tales of the Otherworld) – narrator: Lucas
No Humans Involved narrator: Jamie
*Framed (online short story) – narrator: Nick
*Twilight (Many Bloody Returns) – narrator: Cassandra
*Stalked (My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon) – narrator: Clay
Personal Demonnarrators: Hope & Lucas
*Chivalrous (Tales of Dark Fantasy 2)- narrator: Reese
*The Ungrateful Dead (Blood Lite) – narrator: Jamie
Living With the Deadmultiple narrators, 3rd person
*Kisunegari (Men of the Otherworld) – narrator: Jeremy
*Zen and the Art of Vampirism (A Fantasy Medley) – narrator: Zoe
Angelicnarrator: Eve
*Learning Curve (Evolve) – narrator: Zoe
*Checkmate (online short story) – narrator: Elena
*Recruit (online short story) – narrator: Elena
Frostbittennarrator: Elena
*The List (Evolve 2) – narrator: Zoe
*Forbidden – narrator: Elena
*Lucifer’s Daughter (Blood Lite 2) – narrator: Hope
Counterfeit Magicnarrator: Paige
*V Plates (Blood Lite 3)  – narrator: Nick
*Off Duty Angel (The Hunter and the Hunted) – narrator: Eve
Hiddennarrator: Elena 
*Amityville Horrible – narrator: Jaimie
Waking the Witchnarrator: Savannah
Spell Bound narrator: Savannah
13narrator: Savannah 
*From Russia With Lovenarrator: Elena
*Brazen – narrator: Nick
*Vanishing Act (Otherworld Nights) – narrator: Savannah
*Bounty Hunt (graphic novella)
*Forsaken – narrator: Elena
*Driven – narrator: Elena
*Puppy Plan (Gifted) – narrator: Logan
*Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Expiration Date) – narrator: Zoe

*Denotes short story/ novella

Note: The short stories Youngblood, Bamboozled, and Life Sentence are set in the Otherworld universe but contain no characters readers will know from the series. They can be found in the Led Astray anthology.


  1. Here are more

    13.03 *Gifted (Puppy Plan)
    13.04 Bounty Hunt graphic novel Reese
    13.5 Forsaken
    13.6 Driven
    13.7 *Vanishing Act (Otherworld Nights Savannah and Adam)

  2. Lesley Jane basey says:

    I first got hooked by reading no humans involved and about to finish men of the other world I have bitten and forsaken ready to read but I would like the order in which I should read all of them in order to enjoy and understand what’s happening

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