Review: Dark Legend

Reviewed by Jen

Just when you think you’ve met the oldest and most powerful of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian males, she produces one who’s even older and more powerful. We’ve heard the stories about the legendary Daratrazanoff twins, Gabriel and Lucian. Gregori’s older brothers were great fighters and protectors of the Carpathian people. Everyone has believed them dead for centuries, but they’ve really been locked beneath the earth all this time.

The brothers made a pact early on that should either one become a vampire, the remaining sibling would take his life. When Lucian began to show all the tell-tale signs that he had succumbed, Gabriel tried to keep his promise. The two clashed over and over again, with neither emerging the victor… until Gabriel tricked his brother and bound them together underground.

A disturbance awakens the twins in modern-day Paris. Shortly after rising to the surface, Gabriel meets Francesca, his lifemate. It turns out that she’s lived hundreds of years without him… convinced he sacrificed their chance at happiness to be a guardian for his people. Now he must break through the walls she has built around herself and convince her that they are meant to live together as one.

Francesca isn’t your average Carpathian heroine. For one, she’s already Carpathian. Two, she herself is an ancient. She is powerful in her own ways, as well as resourceful and determined. She has suffered in Gabriel’s absence all these years… but at the same time, so has Gabriel. He is, of course, a bossy, alpha, Carpathian male. But at least he values her mind and her gifts; he cares about her feelings; and feels real guilt for the way his actions have impacted her life.

I really enjoyed the twin dynamic between Gabriel and Lucien. Unlike Aidan and Julian, these two have a tangible connection. And the addition of young Skylar to the family, touches a real chord. Already, Feehan is laying the foundation for that one day love story between her and Dimitri… you know, the one I’ll get to read before I collect Social Security… or maybe not.

As with all the books in this series, there’s a bit of repetition. We get reminded of the same facts over and over. And Ms Feehan reminds us again that her favorite words are velvet, lightning and sheath. Still, one of better books in the series. A little over 4 stars.

Word count: Velvet – 18; Sheath 9; Lightning 24 (though to be fair, a few of those actually did refer to the weather phenomenon.)

Dark Legend

by Christine Feehan
Release Date: January 2002
Publisher: Leisure Books


  1. I love the twins,,,Gregory is absolute favorite,,and then his older and more powerful twin brothers come in second…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything in this review, including the word count of Ms. Feehan’s “favorite words”. lol! That really made my day!
    Dark Legend was the first book I’ve read from the series years ago. It still remains as my favorite one mostly because I feel that Gabriel is one of the most caring and gentle Carpathian males of the Dark series, despite being a bossy, alpha Carpathian male. lol
    And I find that the romance between Gabriel and Francesca is also really sweet- they support each other and compared to the other books, there is less “YOU WILL BE MINE” “I DON’T WANNA”.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it. This is actually one of the lower “velvet” count books in the series. But counting them has become a guilty pleasure. 😉

    I know that alpha males are one of the benchmarks of these books, but sometimes it gets out of hand. I remember it really bugged me in Darius’ story.

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.


  4. I am so glad I am not alone in being sensitive (driven crazy) with the overuse of “velvet” as in sheaths, over iron, voices, and even, yes recently drapes. It always amazes me when I see bad reviews that mention repetition of themes, but never mention the word “velvet” since it seems the worst offender and the one that makes me want to throw something and wonder what Feehan is thinking and/ what editor would let that slide book after book. I also can’t stand that I can now predict almost every male lead’s initial description will be long black/blue hair tied back with a leather thong. Apparently none are capable of having a different hairstyle and all have kept their hair accessories for centuries.

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