Review: Dark Magic

Reviewed by Jen

Barbarians are attacking Princess Devon’s people…. and there is nothing she can do to help.  As she sits in her room, she is visited by a strange and handsome man. He kisses and touches her in ways she’s never felt before.  And he talks of dragons and magic forbidden by her father.  Galladar comes and goes like magic and awakens feelings Devon didn’t know existed.

When Devon learns that her father plans to give her to the barbarian leader in exchange for peace, she goes on the run.  Legends tell of a dragon who may be able to help her people in exchange for a virgin sacrifice.  Devon decides she will be that sacrifice.

It’s no great surprise when we do meet the dragon.  The story is predictable, though fairly pleasant to read.  Essentially, the dragon awakens Devon to being a woman, while her innocence and goodness open up possibilities for him that he has never imagined.  Short, sweet, with a small pinch of sexy.

3 stars.

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Dark Magic
by Rebecca York
Release Date: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press

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