Review: Before the Fall

Reviewed by Jen

In this prequel to Ascension, we get a close-up look at what it was like when the walls fell between Hell and Earth. The story is told from the perspective of Zach, a retired soldier of the Order who is being called back into service to help deal with the slaughter to come. He’s being summoned to meet with the rest of the army. But before he leaves, he knows he must find Shanna, the love of his life.

Zach tried to tell Shanna about his history months ago, but she thought he was crazy and ended their relationship. And convincing her to come with him takes some arm twisting. But it’s only a matter of time before she is unable to deny what is right before her eyes. All the nightmare creatures Zach tried to tell her about are real, and they’re hungry.

This is a fast paced short story with a lot of action. And it really does a good job filling in some of world-building in the Dark Breeds universe. We’re treated to one good love scene and a pretty big cameo from Kyana, the main heroine of the series. Not bad for just 70 pages.

There was only one part that wasn’t a win for me… the plot device that cements our couple together at the end. I would have believed in their future even without it and it felt a little trite. (**sigh**) I still liked the story though. It’s worth picking up, even if you’re not familiar with the series. 4 stars.

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Before the Fall
by Sable Grace
Release Date: November 8, 2011
Publisher: Avon Impulse


  1. This seems like a really exciting sc-fi read.

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