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Is your blog a little too racy for some people’s taste? Maybe you like to look at pictures of half-naked men… maybe you like to read a little erotica… maybe, just maybe, you visit your favorite blogs when your kids are not in the room. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, you’re in just the right place.

The Shameless Giveaway Hop is open to anyone who wants to give away a book or a book related prize. It doesn’t have to be dirty. It can be anything from YA to a book of randy limericks. Whatever floats your boat. There aren’t alot of rules. We just ask that you have your post up by 12:00am on Friday, January 20, 2012. Keep it up through 11:59pm Friday, January 27, 2012. And include the button & the link to the full list of participating hops. That’s it. –Oh. And if you want to include a man candy photo in your post somewhere, nobody will complain. (We might even be grateful.)

Bloggers and authors are all welcome to participate. Just sign up in the linky below.

–Jen (Red Hot Books), Brie (Romance Around the Corner) & Michelle (Michelle’s Book Blog)


  1. Awesome! Grabbed the widget and its on my blog. What a wonderful widget it is. Well done.

    Can’t wait.

  2. Thanks for putting this together. I forgot to add that our giveaway will be International, as well.

    Happy Reading,
    Bona Fide Reflections

  3. Joined, added it to my blog, tweeted and shared on FB. Yay!!!! I love that picture, omg, he is so perfect. I must meet him! 😀 I’ll continue to publicize. I hope this hop gets big! 🙂

  4. Question! I see your tweet mentioned fans of the peen, and this whole hubbub referenced half-naked menfolks. If I read and review explicit vag-on-vag can I still participate?

  5. Of course, you can! Vag… peen… whatever! Everyone is welcome. 🙂

  6. S W E E T.

  7. Excellent, I look forward to the hop!

  8. Great Hop!! Looking forward to it 😉

  9. How fantastic I was wondering what would happen to hops now that blogs like mine have been banned from entering some hops. I <3 you for your awesomeness.

  10. Yay! great job girlies!

    Wish I could have hosted with you guys. Maybe next time!

    Jen, thanks for answering my questions on twitter about this. I’m in!


  11. I am 18 plus only so also need a new place to let my hair down. Thanks for taking this on!

  12. I just signed up for this hop, so lets see I must give something really good. Great idea for a hop.

  13. Great timing. I’m naming February Erotic Review Month over at The Book Nympho. So this will be a great early start.

  14. I love all things books! I have some great reads for US/CAN and INT I can get a book from the Book Depo for them. Thanks for letting me be part of the hop!!

  15. I’m so in 🙂

  16. LOL. Love it! Any excuse to post a half naked man on my blog.

  17. I <3 you as well for giving us an alternative! Thank you, thank you! I'll be giving away a copy of THE LOST paranormal romance.

  18. Posted the button to my blog on the Giveaway Hop page

    stop by and check it out

  19. Can you email me as it gets closer and remind me please? Also a link to the list with all the names taking part. First time doing a hop with you! Looking forward to it!

  20. No problem, Katie!

  21. Count us in Jen!

  22. Ohhh I’m so in.

  23. Where do we list what we are giving away? In our individual posts? So I assume then that folks have to come to our blog from here to find out what we are offering. And then we put the button on our posts and blogs that links folks back here so they get to the other blogs too?

    Sorry for the stupid questions, never done one of these before. Thanks!

  24. Not stupid at all. Each of the participants will put up a post on their own blogs by midnight January 20th. It’s there, you’ll explain what your prize is and the rules to enter your contest. You need to include the button inside the post to help make it clear to people hopping through that they have found the right place for the giveaway. At the end of your post, you can either put up the entire linky list *or* link back to this page for people to get the list here. That’s it.

    I’ll also be sending everyone an email, reminding them of all this, the week before the hop begins.

  25. OMG. LOVE that picture! Ha! Ok, so it’s kind of like my dirty little secret that I read romance and erotica. But, I love it! I should probably come out of the closet with this…. but I’m just not ready. Ha! I’ll just get my fix here.

  26. I’m looking forward to the hop. Thanks for organizing it 🙂

  27. Just added my blog but forgot to mark that it is international. Is that something you can fix for me? Or do I need to delete and re-add? Its Joyfully Jay. Thanks!

  28. You’re all fixed up!

  29. Thanks Jen! Just one more question. Will there be a new page listing the blog links when the hop goes live, or will folks be coming here to this page? I am just trying to figure out what to use as the link for readers to follow to get back here from my post.

  30. I’ll have a new post for my giveaway. My post will go up at 11pm CST on Jan 19th. You can link to it or you can post the linky at the bottom of your post. I’ll send out an email with the details a few days before the giveaway starts and if you still have questions, you can always email me back!

  31. Good, I’m not too late. Count me in!

  32. I am really excited about this blog hop. I have posted info about it on my blog site in hopes to promote the hell out of it. This is gonna be fun **rubs hands together and cackles**

  33. Awesome! I’m excited too!

  34. Can’t wait for this! It’s going to be awesome… and naughty! : P

  35. I can’t wait for this! It will be my first time participating in a giveaway hop. I was wondering generally how it works. I am getting ready to post the information on my blog but I need the code for the list. Could you email it to me?? Thank you for organizing this!

  36. You’re welcome. I’m glad you chose to join up! I’ll be sending out an email to all the participants after the sign-up period ends. It will include a how-to for bloggers and authors new to hops AND it will have a link to the linky.

  37. Thank you! I look forward to it.

  38. I signed up! 🙂 Looking forward to it!

  39. I signed up a few weeks ago. I haven’t done this kind of hop before, and I’m kind of anxious excited about it. I’m looking forward to making new friends who enjoy good eye candy as much as I do!

  40. I sent email instructions to everyone who signed up to participate in the hop. If anyone did not receive an email, please let me know.

  41. Awesome! Thank you so much for doing this! It’s up and posted on my blog.

  42. Thanks for this great giveaway!

    Kit Johnson

  43. Thanks for the great giveaway…Stay warm!

  44. Fantastic hop. Love finding new authors and blogs to read! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Can’t wait to get reading!


  45. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this hop!! Though I’m pretty sure I need a cold shower now! 😉

  46. Wow, You have a lot of great people sponsoring. Thank you guys for a great blog hop.

    Teresa K.

    P.S. Thanks for the great male art.

  47. Thanks for being part of the blog hop 🙂

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. thanks for the book blog and then i like to read any and then
    give the bog some more book hop
    desi the blonde @ msn mcom

  50. Love this hop!! I can’t wait to check out every blog!!
    Ashley A

  51. wow getting all most done and getting hot hot hot
    desi the blonde@

  52. Enjoyed the sample excerpt from “Stolen,” and look forward to reading the rest. My careless entry into your Hoppin’ Sweepstakes chopped off my email addy. So here’s my 2nd shot at the target–Ken McMillan,

  53. Congrats to Jolene A., winner of an ebook copy of my hot, holiday read CAN’T FAKE THIS!

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