Review: Hellsbane

Reviewed by Jen

Emma Jane has never really been what you would call normal. She’s always been able to read the emotions of others… she’s even made a career of it, as a psychic of sorts. But it never occurred to her that she may be anything other than human. Until Tommy came back into her life, dripping blood, with a demon on his heels. He nearly lost his fight with the monster in front of her eyes. He would have been killed — if Emma hadn’t picked up his sword to help him. Those were the actions that triggered her dormant nephalim blood.

It turns out that, like Tommy, Emma is half angel. And once her nephalim side is activated, she becomes a magnet for demon attacks. She’ll serve as a warrior against the Fallen, until she finds her own father and kills him.

She has an angel to guide her. But Eli is as much of a temptation as he is a tutor. There’s a definite attraction there and it’s not one-sided. Unfortunately, if the two of them ever succumb to their desires, it would be disastrous –and Eli would Fall.

Despite some warm and fuzzy moments, there is no sex in the book. And at times, it had an almost YA feel. The heroine is 23, but she comes across as pretty innocent. There’s attraction, but there is no more action than a kiss or two… and the language is pretty tame.

I liked the story. And I liked the dynamic between Emma and Eli –though where it could go, I have no idea. It’s clear there is more to Emma than meets the eye and I’m interested to see how that will play out later in the series. It has potential. 4 stars.

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by Paige Cuccaro,
Release Date: November 30, 2011
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

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