Review: Hot, Hard, and Howling

Reviewed by Jen

Nell has been in love with Trent for as long as she can remember. But despite the fact he clearly wants her too, he pushes her away, over and over again.  She doesn’t know it, but he fears a family curse that will doom him to kill his mate one day… and he refuses to risk her life.  After his last big rejected, Nell left town. She’s back now, ready to came the werewolf she knows she’s destined to mate with.

Shortly after Nell returns home, she is attacked by a human controlled by blood magic.  She uses her demon-powers to kill him, but the incident draws Trent back into her life. He is the Prime, sort-of the supernatural law enforcement, of the area. The two of them have to work together to figure out why Nell is a target and what to make of the mysterious magical box she discovers in her basement.

Of course, Nell uses their time together to her advantage, seducing Trent in a rather memorable scene at the park.  But despite his inability to resist her completely, he continues to fight their attraction at every turn. The sex is pretty good and we don’t have to wait too long to get there. That was a plus… so were the moments of unexpected levity, sprinkled throughout the book. You’ve got to love a book where the heroine kills someone with a dildo on the first page! I also enjoyed Nell and Trent’s trip to New Orleans. As a NOLA girl, myself, it’s always fun to read adventures in my hometown, with stops in familiar places.

Most of the relationship building happened between our main characters before the book ever started, though… which made it hard for me to feel the love between them. It was just stated as fact that they loved each other. And while the sex was good, I felt the sexual tension was lacking a bit. There was action, then sex, then more action, then resolution. For me, a little more build-up is necessary to get really invested in the characters.

It was still a pretty good read.  Sexy, adventurous, and supernatural. A little more than 3 stars.

*Book provided by author for review

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Hot, Hard, and Howling
by Mari Freeman
Release Date: March 4, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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