Review: Touch of the Angel

Reviewed by Jen

I think this third installment of the Demons of the Infernum series is the strongest one yet. If you’re not familiar with the books, they feature a quartet of half-breed demon brothers who work as bounty hunters on earth. This story belongs to Ronin, who is part-demon, and part-angel.

As the book begins, Ronin falls under the spell of a succubus in a bar and nearly loses his life. We later find out her name is Amara –and she is essentially a slave to a power-hungry incubus named Asmodus who is using her to siphon powers from various supernaturals –and then forcing her to feed them to him. Ronin and his brothers end up working a case to capture Asmodus, which brings Amara back into their orbit.

The brothers hope to use Amara to get closer to Asmodus, but that changes quickly. Instead, Ronin and Amara begin to fall for each other. They can’t do the deed again, because it will kill Ronin. So their relationship is fraught with sexual tension. Hot, steamy sexual tension. And even though they can’t cross the finish line, they find plenty of ways to slake their lusts as they ponder ways to best Asmodus and free Amara’s mother, who he is holding captive.

My favorite thing about this series is the interpersonal dynamics between the brothers. And I really enjoy learning about their individual histories and the nuances of their powers. The fact that they all have different mothers and different species in the blood keeps the books fresh. Lario is also good at writing some hot love scenes… although every so often, she may bypass reality a little (like when Amara manages to have an orgasm just from giving head –or literally falls into unconsciousness from the veracity of Ronin’s lovemaking three pages later.) But it’s still a fun ride.

We’re introduced to a new villain –who has ties to an old one. I’m curious to see where that goes. We’ve got a firm set up for Dagan and his future woman. And I have to say, I am intrigued with the incubus Cresso –and I hope we get more story from him. 4 stars.

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Touch of the Angel
by Rosalie Lario
Release Date: December 6, 2011
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

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