Review: True Colors

Reviewed by Jen

The Elder Races has quickly become one of my auto-read paranormal romance series. And here, Thea Harrison proves that she can rock my world, even with a scant 70 pages of a novella.

This story focuses on a wolf-shifter named Gideon. He’s a detective who investigates Wyr-related crimes. And now he is on the hunt for a serial killer. It’s at a crime scene that he first crosses paths with Alice. She was friends with the latest victim. At first, he thinks to just question her as a witness, but as soon as they come face-to-face, they realize they are mates. The rest of the story follows the couple as they work to figure out who the killer is –and, of course, as they get naked and have hot sex accept each other as mates.

Even though the story is short, it follows a solid path and has a firm conclusion.  It features cameo appearances by a few of the characters we have come to know in earlier books, but it works very easily as a standalone.   And it has the trademark smoking-hot bedroom action that I have come to love and expect from Harrison.  (Granted, the sex was on the living room floor, but when it’s that good, I’m not picky.)  I liked the fact that Gideon was a younger Wyr than those we’ve known in the past, which made him a little more relatable, while still deliciously alpha.  I loved how he treats Alice; how they are together.   It was all… very satisfying.

A great addition to the series.  A little more than 4 stars.

*ARC Provided by Samhain Publishing

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True Colors
by Thea Harrison
Release Date: December 13, 2011
Publisher: Samhain Publishing


  1. I usually read mostly “physical” books, but I can’t pass up reading Thea’s e-novella. She is one of my new favorite authors. It was great to read your very positive review 🙂

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