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Reviewed by Jen

Wow! This book had a lot of sex. Male on male sex. Male on female sex. Menage sex. Oral sex. Anal sex. Dom/sub sex. Videotaped sex. Sex on the table. Sex in the hot tub. Sex in the car. And even (*gasp*) sex in the bed. You might be asking yourself… with so much sex, is it possible there is actually a story to be found in there somewhere? The answer is… well, yeah, though it’s a pretty simple one.

Cait is a 25 year-old virgin who lives with her two best friends, Tristan and Matt. She decides she wants to pop her cherry and plans to ask one of the men to do the deed. But before she can, she walks in on the guys having sex. They’ve been sleeping together for months, though both men are also secretly in love with her. She’s hurt, at first, by the deception, but eventually comes around to the idea of trying out a threesome.  That’s the set-up… and from there, the sexin’ takes over until almost the end of the book, when our lovers must decide whether it was a grand experiment or something they want to try on long term.

It was hot, no doubt. I’m not a fan of the whole dom/sub thing, but there was enough variety in the sexcapades that there is something for everyone. It helps that the relationships between the characters were already in place before the book began and there was very little awkwardness regarding the m/m part of the threesome. There were some sweet moments and a little bit of angst, but for the most part, it’s really a steamy and sexy read with a very high heat factor.  It won’t change the world, but it’ll warm you up on a cold night.  3 1/2 stars.

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by Cari Quinn
Release Date: December 6, 2011
Publisher: Loose Id

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