Review: Don’t Bite the Messenger

Reviewed by Jen

Sidney earns her living as a messenger, delivering mostly to the vampires of her little corner of Alaska. It’s dangerous work, with a short life expectancy. The excitement and the money satisfy her –and Sidney is good at her job. But she knows she can’t do it forever. It’s not only the danger, but the lonely life she must lead to keep her identity safe from the vampire population.

She has few friends and no romantic life to speak of, until she comes across a sexy man in a bar, while trying to hide from some vamps. An unexpected kiss leaves her thinking about him long after he should have been a distant memory. It takes very little time to realize there is more to the mysterious Malcolm than meets the eye. And as Sidney is marked for death, she has to decide whether he is an ally or an enemy. The even bigger question: can she resist the temptation to give into his charms?

The story is short… less than 100 pages, but I found that I really enjoyed it. It was faced-paced, with world-building that is clearly explained and easy to understand. I like the fact that Sidney and Malcolm did not fall instantly in love, something that happens far too often in PNR novellas. But the heat is definitely there.  The sexual tension is good and I was satisfied with the payoff.

All my questions were answered and all my itches scratched. Plus, I think the door is left open for the author to revisit our characters, should she choose to in the future. A fun, sexy way to spend an hour of your day… 4 stars.

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Don’t Bite the Messenger
by Regan Summers
Release Date: January 16, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press


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  2. Great review Jen! This does sound like an entertaining read…and we all love a novella every once in a while to just give us a good short story! 😀 I also like the ones that can be revisited in the future and maybe turned into full length novels. Going on my TBR list. 😀

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