Review: Heart of the Incubus

Reviewed by Jen

Oh Cresso, your story is every bit as delicious as I hoped it would be.

This novella is kind of a detour in the Demons of the Infernum series. All the main novels feature one of four half-demon brothers. But here, we get the love story of a secondary character, Cresso. He is the incubus who came up with a way for sex demons to mate outside their species without killing their partners. And that’s mighty convenient, since he has fallen in love with a human.

Genevieve is a scientist in the lab where he works. Not only does she seem to be immune to Cresso’s charms, she appears to actively dislike him. Of course, that’s just a mask for the deep attraction she feels toward him. Genevieve was deeply betrayed in a past relationship and fears that an incubus would never be able to be faithful. Which means Cresso is off-limits. But when Genevieve starts receiving threatening letters and packages, Cresso can’t help but step in to protect her. And from there, he begins to slowly break down the walls she has built around her heart.

I really enjoyed this short story. At about 120 pages, it was long enough to give me a real feel for both main characters. (Though I was honestly already intrigued with Cresso in Touch of the Angel.) I could easily understand Genevieve’s reservations about beginning a relationship with a playboy. But at the same time, Cresso’s refusal to feel off other women goes a long way to show just how much he feels for her. The sexual tension was good and the payoff did not disappoint.

I really enjoyed this one –and the bonus appearances from Maya and Taeg. 4 1/2 stars.

*ARC Provided by Entangled Publishing

Heart of the Incubus
by Rosalie Lario
Release Date: January 3, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing


  1. Great Review!! I really loved getting to see Cresso up close. I too was intrigued with him after Touch of the Angel.

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