Review: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

One of the things I love most about Kresley Cole books is the way that she weaves her stories together. It’s really quite amazing how she takes all these little pieces over a dozen books and makes them all feel like they are part of this fantastic master plan that she’s had all along. Lothaire has been this mysterious and enigmatic character ever since A Hunger Like No Other. We’ve seen him scheme and manipulate; go on quests and gather debts; and we’ve had little hints: a feud with Nix… a plan to rule the vampires. And now it all makes sense.

Lothaire is the bastard son of the old Horde vampire king. His mother was a princess of the lost Diacan vamps. He should have been royalty. But his father cast him and his mother out. And they were forsaken by her family. As she died, he swore his revenge –to one day rule both the Horde and the Diacans– and it’s all he has lived for ever since.

Now he has finally found his Bride, the woman fated to be his Queen. Elizabeth is a human whose body is being possessed by an evil deity. Lothaire thinks the deity is his destined mate (though obviously it’s Elizabeth) and he makes it his mission to find a way to permanently expel Elizabeth’s soul from her body to give Soroya the reigns. He holds her captive as he tries to track down that powerful wish-granting ring he stole from the mummy back in Pleasure of a Dark Prince.  And as much as they outwardly disdain each other, there is an undeniable attraction between Elizabeth and Lothaire… one they can only fight so long, before they give in.

Here’s the thing: Lothaire is sexy and ruthless. But he is also a complete asshole. He imprisons Ellie. He is cruel to her. He inflicts his will on her over and over again –and continues to do so even after he realizes she is really the one for him. He’s completely self-absorbed and I felt like it took too long before he could stop seeing Ellie as beneath him. He did, however, make some powerful sacrifices and the sex was really hot… so there was some good stuff going on the romance department too. I just wish he had treated her better than he did for 90% of the book.

For me, where the book shines, are in the moments Cole lets us see the history and connections among the characters. I loved getting the backstory on Lothaire and Nix. I loved that she worked-in Hag, the Oracle from Kiss of a Demon King, and gave a shout-out to Lanthe. I loved Thaddeus, from Dreams of a Dark Warrior, with a capital-L. And the last sentence of the book really knocked my socks off.

Cole sets up her spinoff Diacan series nicely –and leaves me hoping that we’ll get a Kristoff and Furie book very soon. 4 stars.

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by Kresley Cole
Release Date: January 19, 2012
Publisher: Gallery Books


  1. I’m reading it right now, although I’m loving the book I’m not liking Lothaire very much right now. He’s so mean!

  2. I’d have to agree with your assessment. I believe I called him a douche in my review. LOL!! I had wished for more of the back story on Lothaire and Nix, they were some of the best interactions of the book. I’d look to see it as a novella or as a companion guide. I wouldnt say this is my fav of the series but I enjoyed it. =)

    -Amanda P
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  3. Man, I cannot wait for the book reach me. From what you are saying I think I will love the book. I think I already expected him to be a bit of a jerk from the glimpses I had about him on the past books. I still think it would be fun to see him fall hard in love. Did he?

  4. I’m so happy to read that someone else thought Lothaire was an asshole. I read the book and liked it but now it’s been a few days and I’m forgetting why I liked it in the first place because all I’m remembering is what a douche Lothaire was to Ellie.

    I think I’ll end up reading this one again.

  5. smallwonder says:

    This book wasn’t my favorite in the series but it wasn’t the worst either. I’d put it 4th behind Malkom’s story (in a tie with Lanthe’s) and the two Woede brothers before it. I thought Lothaire was a total prick but then again, it’s Lothaire, right? Both he and Nix are as old as dirt and as we’ve seen from the beginning of the series, they’ve been manipulating every character in every book like they are playing their own personal chess game. If we cut Nix slack, then why not Lothaire? So him running roughshod over Ellie was not surprising; he was going to manhandle Soroya too and she’s a freaking goddess. I thought his sarcasm and rudeness were hilarious and let’s face it, Ellie could give as good as she got so she was a perfect match for him. At the end of the day, if you’ve got to pair up a near-crazy, immortal vampire with anyone, you might as well hook him up with a stubborn, thick-skinned, mountain girl whose family will help bury the bodies and not ask questions.

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. A lot of people felt that Lothaire’s portrayal was necessary to keep from changing the character he has been consistently throughout the series. I wish I would have been able to put aside his behaviors that bothered me, but I just couldn’t. 🙁

  6. With exception of the end, the book is greatest of all writen so far by Cole, according to my oppinion…
    And of course I am on live with Thaddeus as well….
    And just to note:
    I am soooo curious about Nix &….

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