Review: Sins of the Highlander

Reviewed by Jen

Mad Rob McLaren is on a mission of vengeance. Two years ago, Lachlan Drummond kidnapped his wife, just days after their wedding. He raped her; and she killed herself. But despite Rob’s effort, Drummond refuses to face him in combat. So Rob kidnaps Drummond’s bride from the altar, hoping to finally get the battle he’s due.

The thing is, Rob never thought about Elspeth at all. He never considered the hell a kidnapping would put Drummond’s betrothed through. And he certainly never expected the woman to get under his skin. But that is exactly what happens.

As Rob and Elspeth make their way back to Rob’s castle, they begin to fall for each other. But they must sidestep danger from Drummond and his men the entire time. And once they reach their destination, they face more treachery and obstacles, as people and circumstances work to keep them apart.

The story doesn’t exactly tread new ground. But Rob makes a pretty sympathetic hero, as he mourns his first wife and tremulously experiences a second chance at love. Elspeth is a brave and loyal lass, who discovers passion and love for the first time under Rob’s experienced hand. There is also a touch of the supernatural, with Elspeth’s gift of foresight.

Drummond makes for a kind of one-dimensional villain. And I would have liked to experience more of Rob’s emotional journey into his love for Elspeth. It kind of felt like he took the words out of her mouth and let her brand his feelings. I would have preferred to see him find and recognize his feelings on his own.

I liked it well enough.  Kilts and brogues abound. But not much in the way of surprises. 3 1/2 stars.

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Sins of the Highlander
by Connie Mason
Release Date: January 1, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks


  1. You know why I keep picking up highlander books? I’m pretty sure it’s because of the covers..HELLO HIGHLANDERS! Also, it’s always fun to read about these macho men who kidnap and fall in love with women… I realize this was a random comment… just felt like throwing that out I guess… Book Savvy Babe

  2. Random comments are always better than no comments at all! Thanks for stopping by, Heather.

  3. Yes men in kilts, its what keeps me going back too. I love the idea of this book, and even if the story isnt amazing cant stop thinking about it kind of book. At least it has a hunky highlander showing off his alpha side, and that will be good enough for me. Nice review!

  4. I love the cover of Highlander books. They are just fabulous. Thanks for the review and putting a highlander book on my radar!


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