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Review: Angel’s Flight

This anthology features a collection of short stories in the Guild Hunter world. Three have been previously published. The last is new.

Angels’ Pawn – Throughout the first three Guild Hunter novels, we get little teasers about the hunter Ashwini and her constant foil, the sexy Cajun vampire Janvier. But in this short story, we get to see the two of them in action.  Though Ash is usually hunting Janvier, here they are working together to bring in a vampire at the center of a power struggle.  The whole thing serves as a little slice of life for the Guild Hunter, but it also showcases the sexy dynamic between Ash and Janvier.  This isn’t a story with an HEA. It does, however, leave the door wide open for the possibilities between these two. I hope they get their own story one day. The backstory on Ash alone would make it worthwhile.

Angel’s Judgment – This is our chance to see Sara and Deacon when they first meet and fall in love.  When the story begins, Sara is trying to decide whether she will accept the position as the new Guild Director. (Chronologically, it happens before the events of Angels’ Blood.) As she works a case, trying to find a killer who is targeting vamps, she is paired with Deacon.  He is known within the Guild as The Slayer, investigating rouge hunters and delivering punishment when necessary.  They work together to find the guilty party, and grow close in the process.  Sara has always been just a background character for me in the series, but this story gives her more depth.  And Deacon is hawt!  A great novella, filled with action and awesome sexy-times.  Definitely a keeper for fans of the series.

Angels’ Wolf – Poor Noel.  Back in Archangel’s Kiss, he was the vampire savagely beaten and tortured to send a message to Raphael.  His body has now healed, but he may never recover from the emotional damage.  As this story begins, Raphael sends him on a mission to Louisiana, to help the angel Nimra figure out who is trying to kill her.   Nimra is very powerful, striking fear in even the most brutal angels.  But Noel finds there is a gentle spirit behind her fierce reputation.  It was strange seeing such a soft angel, when almost all the others in the series have this vein of inhumanity.  But I did enjoy watching her breathe new life into Noel’s broken spirit.  By the time the story ends, we finally get an idea of who he was before his attack.  And it’s clear that through love, he’ll one day be whole again.

Angels’ Dance – Set 400 years in the past, this story gives us the chance to watch Galen and Jessamy fall in love. Jess is a teacher at the refuge, loved and respected by all, but the ancient angel has never known a man’s touch. She is thousands of years old, but her malformed wing has kept her grounded and isolated. Galen recognizes that there is more to her than just a teacher and historian. He sees the woman beneath. And he takes her to the skies… exposes her to the world. He awakens feelings in her that she never thought she would have. This is all happening as Galen works to prove himself worthy of entering Raphael’s service. Also at the same time, there is turmoil in Cadre with a missing archangel and an attempt on Jessamy’s life. But the real draw is the love story that develops between Jess and Galen. They are wonderful contrasting characters, proving how much opposites attract. A lot of time passes over the course of less than 150 pages, but it only adds to the depth of their feelings. Very satisfying.

Overall rating: 4 stars.

*ARC Provided by Berkley

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Angels’ Flight
by Nalini Singh
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: Berkley

Review: The Darkest Seduction

Reviewed by Jen

Let me start out by saying that I am a huge, huge fan of the Lords of the Underworld series. And like everyone else, I have been anxiously awaiting the story that would give poor Paris his HEA. This book gave me all the things I wanted –and even worked in some amazing surprises—but it didn’t quite live up to its potential for me.

The biggest problem is simply that the book is bloated. It’s too long and stuffed with too much stuff. I was excited when I first saw how thick it was, but it was actually a hindrance to the storytelling. The first 100 pages or so really dragged. It didn’t feel anything like the snarky, snappy, and sexy series I love. It was a portrait of a miserable Paris and a miserable Sienna, each enduring their own tragedies as they dream of a reunion. This could have been streamlined enormously and still conveyed the same things. It isn’t until Paris finally tracks down his long-lost woman, that the book becomes engaging at all. Maybe around page 150.

Once Paris and Sienna are together, you can start to see the sparks. And in their interactions, the book has some of its best moments. After all, their reunion is what we’ve all hungered for. But Paris has changed so much, he is almost unrecognizable from the character we once knew. I know he’s been through a lot, but I would have liked to see a few more glimpses of the suave Lord of Promiscuity. This guy is supposed to be the end-all, be-all Lothario and he just didn’t deliver. Yeah, the sex is hot, but no more so than with any of the other Lords.

We’re introduced to a slew of new characters, from the annoying Lord of Narcissism to three random Lords stuffed in a castle turret. I could have done without all of them. We also get a healthy dose of Zacharel, which is no doubt designed to set up Showalter’s new Angels of the Dark series. And I’ll admit… I’m intrigued.

There were some things I really did enjoy. Surprisingly, I liked the Galen and Legion sidestory and I find myself really rooting for these two to make a go of it. We got the set-up on Kane’s story with the female Horseman. And we got a few new teasers on the enigma that is William the Dark. Oooh—and Ashlyn finally has those babies. Hallelujah!! That woman has been pregnant for like, 10 years. All of that was great –as were the fantastic developments on the Cronus/ Rhea front… and a shocking tidbit about Strider’s history.

Yet, the book didn’t quite satisfy. Maybe it’s because it took too long to get to the good stuff. Maybe it’s because Paris isn’t Paris anymore.  I don’t know.  It wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t everything I hoped it would be. 3 1/2 stars.

*ARC Provided by Harlequin

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The Darkest Seduction
by Gena Showalter
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin

AAD Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Boone Brux

Boone Brux joins us today for our latest AAD Author Spotlight.  Boone lives in Alaska, where she lives with her husband and twin daughters. She has a soft spot for the paranormal –especially demons.  Please help me welcome her to the blog!

Jen: Shield of Fire is your debut novel. Tell me a little about the journey to get it to print.

Boone: This has been a long haul, mainly because Shield was the first full-length novel I ever wrote. It started out as a historical and through many rewrites, finally became a fantasy romance. I have to admit, my poor editors had their hands full with this story. They did a stellar job guiding me through the process. It was such a learning experience.

Jen: For new readers, could you talk a little bit about the world of the Bringers and the Bane? Boone: The story takes place in the land of Inness. A thousand years before the Demon Bane besieged the land and began building their army by stealing human souls and converting them to demons. The queen beseeched the Bringer King to open the Arch of the Mystics and rid her land of the Bane. Jen: Do you have a little snippet you could share?

She made no move, only stared at him.
After several torturous seconds, she reached for the hem of her shift, and pulled the garment over her head in one quick motion. His eyes opened and he sat up, no longer interested in pretending.
Ravyn gasped and crushed the shift against her breasts. He pushed back the covers and stood, his naked body lit by the moon’s glow. The whites of her eyes rounded but she didn’t retreat. He refused to accept her embarrassment—not with him—not ever. With only inches separating them, Ravyn’s desire and apprehension rippled along his skin. The beast stirred. He’d give her one chance to leave.
“You shouldn’t be here.” She nodded. “I know.”
He took a step toward her. “I can’t give you what you seek, Ravyn. I can’t be who you need me to be.”
She stepped toward him. “I understand. Please don’t send me away. I want this.”
His honor faded with her words. He pulled the crumpled material from her hand and exposed her naked form. Heat radiated from her. He stepped closer, but she wouldn’t meet his eyes.
“Don’t hide yourself. Not from me.” He tipped her chin so she would look at him. “Do you understand?”
She nodded, but her posture remained stiff. He trailed a finger across her shoulder, down her breast, and over her nipple. The tips pebbled under his caress. Ravyn sucked in a breath and grabbed his hip for support. He loved the way she responded to him, the way her body nearly sizzled under his touch. He palmed one full breast and rolled the extended nub between his thumb and index finger.
She answered by arching into his hand. With tentative strokes, Ravyn smoothed her fingers across his torso. Her light touches delivered spikes of pleasure through his body as her nails scraped across his flat nipple. He wrapped his free arm around her back and pulled her close, needing to feel her body. His erection pressed fully against the soft skin of her stomach.
Ravyn tilted her head to look at him, her lips parting in an invitation—one he instantly accepted. Mouths met and tongues danced. This part she’d learned well. No inhibitions muddied the execution of her kiss. She matched him stroke for stroke and moan for moan. The beast pushed against him, wanting more, needing to take control. Rhys held the urge to dominate at bay and sank into their kiss.

Jen: (*fans self*) Wow. Will the next book feature Jade and Luc? Will we learn more about Ravyn’s parents/ history/ mysterious look-a-like?

Boone: Yes, Kiss of the Betrayer focuses on Jade and Luc. Those two are a couple of mischief makers. Neither one makes the wisest choices, so they tend to get in trouble. Plus Jade hates Luc, for reasons that will be revealed in the book. Anybody who has a significant part in the series will have their character arc grow and will hopefully have their story tied up either at the end or before the last book. There will only be one dangling threat, which I won’t say anymore about. (Mimes locking lips and throwing away the key.) So yes, you’ll find out about Ravyn’s parents later in the series. The look-a-like woman will be revealed within the next two books.
Jen: How many different types of Bringers are there? Will they all eventually end up with those awesome tattoos?
Boone: There are four different types of Bringers: The Shields, who have groovy tattoos on their backs of dragons or phoenixes, or any other creature I may want to throw in there. Shields protect and serve. There are the Redeemers, who have sun tattoos on the palms of their hands. They’re healers, but can be brutal when yanking a soul back from death or healing injuries. They really aren’t the gentle womenfolk of lore. There are the Tells, who have a single line tattooed from underneath their lip to the indent above their chin. They know things, not mind reading, but are rather like a medieval Magic Eight Ball. The sense when things are false or which direction someone traveled, but they don’t know specifics. Last is what Ravyn is, which I can’t tell you about yet, sorry.
Jen:  Tell us about Everything Erotic Anthologies—Just how dirty are we talking about? (**Wags eyebrows*)
Boone: Read them with a fire extinguisher.  There are some seriously hot, down and dirty scenes. Thus the erotic title. I’d never written erotica before I teamed up with this incredibly talented group. Wow, what a lesson. I learned so much from them, which definitely carried over into chapter seventeen in Shield of Fire.
Jen: Who are some of your favorite authors?
Boone: I love Janet Evanovich, Darynda Jones, Karen Marie Moning, and Christopher Moore. These are my “I’ll buy anything they write” authors. Darynda is actually an AAD author I think. Lucky me. I’m going to stalk her.
Jen: I’m totally going to stalk her too. Do you write full time? How do you spend your day?
Boone: I do write full-time, though that term is relative. I have ten yr. old twins, so writing full time often times means make our lunch and drive me somewhere. I am lucky to not have to punch a time clock. I try to write while the kids are in school. The balance between actual writing and all the other stuff, like promo, still eludes me, but I’m getting better. Summer gets a bit tricky. I try to squeeze in exercise because my butt is growing with all the sitting I do during the day. I usually have a coffee date twice a month with a writer friend. Other than that’s it’s just the glamorous life of a writer, cooking, cleaning, mentally flogging myself for not having enough time for everything.
Jen: What are you most looking forward to from AAD in NOLA?
Boone: I answer this question the same way because I really mean it. I’m looking most forward to talking to readers. I have tons of writer acquaintances, but seeing readers in their element is sure to be a learning and rewarding experience. I’m also looking forward to the suffocating heat. Okay, I say that now and may change my mind by August, but it’s 11 below out this morning. My skin hasn’t seen daylight for months. Can’t wait to sink into the hot, moisture laden air of NOLA.

Boone is generously giving away a copy of Shield of Fire.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter.  In the meantime, be sure to visit her at her website! a Rafflecopter giveaway <a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.

Review: By a Thread

Reviewed by Jen

I have to admit, I was worried. When Jennifer Estep wrapped up the Mab Monroe storyline in the last book, it felt like it could be the end of the Elemental Assassin series. Then I head two words that made me shudder: road trip. Few authors can take their main character out of the familiar environment and make the story work. But let me tell you right now, not only did Jennifer Estep make it work, she’s given us the very best installment in the series to date.

After Mab’s death, Gin thought her life would get easier. But thanks to Jonah MacAllister, Gin’s identity is no longer a secret. And every day, a new thug is showing up at the Pork Pit to challenge her. So Finn convinces her to take a vacation. Gin jumps in the car with Bria, back to her sister’s home town, hoping to leave the violence behind. She also hopes she can bridge the growing gap between her and her sister.

I must say, Bria really ticked me off here. She is so judgmental of Gin; she blames her for things that are not her fault; she basically acts like Gin is beneath her. Very reminiscent of Donovan Caine in the earlier books. –And speaking of Donovan– He is suddenly back in the picture as Gin finds herself in the middle of a conflict involving one of Bria’s old friends. The woman is getting pressure from a vampire crime boss to sell her restaurant and Gin can’t help but to try and help the woman who was like a sister to Bria for years. The woman who also happens to be involved with Donovan… who is still a complete toad.

This book is fast paced and full of action. But what makes it so good is that its also full of emotional turmoil in Gin’s life. She has to learn hard lessons about the limits of her power. She must decide how much crap she is willing to take from her sister. And she needs to figure out where her heart lies. Is Owen the only man for her? Can she let go of her old feelings for Donovan? Do I ever stop wanting to punch him in the ‘nads?

The absence of Mab and the change of venue gives the series an infusion of new life. It feels fresh without trying to reinvent the core of the series. It brings back all my favorite characters (and even some better left to rot beneath a bridge.) It is unpredictable. And it managed to make me worried, angry, sad, hot, happy, and triumphant, all in equal measure. I couldn’t have been more satisfied and I wouldn’t change a thing about how it all played out. I can wait to find out what’s next for my favorite assassin. 5 stars.

*ARC Provided by author for review

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By a Thread
by Jennifer Estep
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: Pocket Books

Review: The Husband Hunt

Reviewed by Jen

The Madison sisters are back to find a happy ending for the last among them yet to be married. We first met Lisa back in The Countess and it was obvious, even then, that Robert would be the man for her. Unfortunately, Robert is the only one who doesn’t see it.

Two years have passed since the events of the last book. And while Lisa has grown older, Robert still sees her as a little sister. Lisa is tired of waiting for him to come around so she decides that she will finally come out and choose another man to focus her affections upon –her search is on for a husband.

Before she can put her plan in action, she is drugged by a local madam and nearly handed over to a mysterious “suitor.” Thankfully, Robert saves the day at the last minute, but the suitor gets away without making his identity known. Now Robert must keep Lisa safe until he can ferret out who is after her. And of course, that means he gets a front row seat for her husband hunt.

It doesn’t take long for Robert to began seeing Lisa differently. I really liked watching him succumb to his desires for her. But he had some decidedly lame reasons why he wouldn’t get married, which kind of annoyed me. Lisa’s impetuousness bordered on stupidity once or twice, putting her in unnecessary dire straits. And unfortunately, the identity of the suitor was really obvious from early on. Overall though, I did enjoy the book. Lynsay Sands injects humor into her romances, which I like. And the sex was good. I also liked that Sands managed to ultimately tie in the dangerous “suitor” part of the storyline with the plots of the previous books.

We do get our happy ending –and a satisfying conclusion to the series. 3 1/2 stars.

*ARC Provided by NetGalley

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The Husband Hunt
by Lynsay Sands
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: Avon

Review: Cera’s Place

Reviewed by Jen

The Civil War took a lot out of Union soldier Jake Tanner. He lost a dear friend on the battlefield. And his wife and child succumbed to illness while he was gone. The only reason he hasn’t given up on life is to keep a promise to find his friend’s daughter. But when he finally does locate the girl, he is set on a path to truly living again for the first time in years.

The girl in question works in a San Francisco saloon, run by the fiery Cera. Jake is smitten with the tough and savvy businesswoman right away. But she is gun shy, after her last failed relationship. She also has her hands full with a handful of dastardly men in the city who are kidnapping Chinese girls and forcing them into slavery. She takes the cause onto herself, which quickly puts her in danger. Cera and Jake must work together to bring down the slavers before the slavers can get to them.

Cera is a tough and capable woman with a difficult past, but she wards off Jake’s advances almost a little too adamantly.  Meanwhile, Jake is smitten with her at the speed of light.  And they are in Love in just days. (You know this is a personal peeve of mine.) Jake had the potential to be a tortured hero, but he didn’t entirely pull it off.  Instead, when he makes his big sacrifice for “Cera’s own good,” it feels abrupt and unnatural.  In fact, a lot of their relationship felt abrupt… and its progression felt a little stilted.  It went from “I don’t like you,” to “My body may want you, but I don’t,” to “I really enjoy sleeping with you,” to “I love you” and so on, in blocky increments.

It’s not a bad story, but I guess I just didn’t feel very invested in the characters and I didn’t really connect with the romance.  Not the best fit for me.  2 1/2 stars.

*Book provided by author for review

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Cera’s Place
by Elizabeth McKenna
Release Date: December 19, 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace

Giveaway & Read Along: Kiss of Midnight

Lara Adrian released her first novel in the Midnight Breed series back in 2007.  The books have gone on to great success.  In fact, book 10, Darker After Midnight, came out last month to rave reviews.  But for some reason, I have never read this series.  The folks at Dell are helping me change that.  Thanks to an awesome Facebook contest, I’m part of the Midnight Breed Ambassador Program…. which isn’t only good for me, it’s good for you too.  The publisher has provided me with 10 copies of Kiss of Midnight, the first installment in the series.  And I’m going to share (most of) them with you!


He watches her from across the crowded dance club, a sensual black-haired stranger who stirs Gabrielle’s deepest fantasies. But nothing about this night–or this man–is what it seems. For when Gabrielle witnesses a murder outside the club, reality shifts into something dark and deadly. In that shattering instant she is thrust into a realm she never knew existed–a realm where vampires stalk the shadows and a blood war is set to ignite.

Lucan Thorne despises the violence carried out by his lawless brethren. A vampire himself, Lucan is a Breed warrior, sworn to protect his kind–and the unwitting humans existing alongside them–from the mounting threat of the Rogues. Lucan cannot risk binding himself to a mortal woman, but when Gabrielle is targeted by his enemies, he has no choice but to bring her into the dark underworld he commands.

Here, in the arms of the Breed’s formidable leader, Gabrielle will confront an extraordinary destiny of danger, seduction, and the darkest pleasures of all . . . .

I’m giving away 7 copies on the blog (and I’ll do a couple on Twitter.)  Then I’m opening up the floor to hear what everyone thinks about the book.   You can all share your opinions on Kiss of Midnight (including links to your blog, Goodreads, etc if you like) –whether you’re a winner, just a new reader, or even if you read it ages ago.  The contest will run for a week.  And the post for everyone’s reviews will be up on April 2nd.    I’m excited about trying something new and hopefully, some of you will take the plunge with me!!

Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, I have to limit this giveaway to followers in the US & Canada.  But everyone is invited to read along and share opinions on the book.  Thanks again to Dell for providing the prizes!  I can’t wait to get started.

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Review: Eternal Captive

Holy wow. This book was really, really good. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this series, because each book has gotten progressively better.

Lucian is the youngest of the Roman brothers, and he is destined to follow in his father’s footsteps as the next Breeding Male. He’d rather die than live as such a rutting beast. But he can keep his fragile hold on sanity, as long as he can keep himself from having sex with Bronwyn, the one woman with whom he has shared his blood. Of course, he wants her like he has never wanted any other woman, but he is determined fight his attraction.

Unfortunately, the villain of our story has other ideas. He forces Lucian and Bron together in another reality, knowing the two of them will eventually give in to their desires. And sure enough, they do. And Lucian begins to transform, but they find hope for his salvation.

I’m not going to spoil the details. But I will say I loved their romance. Both Lucian and Bronwyn fought it so hard, which only made it that much sweeter when they gave in to their feelings. Wright has crafted such fantastic characters here and I was completely invested in them and desperate for them to find happiness.

The side stories were great as well, from backstory on Nicolas’ twin and the other rejects… to the heartbreaking Syn and Juliet… to the amazing set-up for Gray and Dillon’s book. It was all just golden. –Plus the sex was really hot. Did I mention the sex? (**fans self**) I loved the resolution to Lucian and Bronwyn’s story. I just loved it all. Well, all except for that ubiquitous “c-word.”  5 stars.

*Cunt count = 38

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Eternal Captive
by Laura Wright
Release Date: February 7, 2012
Publisher: Penguin Group USA

Review: Eternal Kiss

Thank you Laura Wright, for reading my mind.  Almost all the major issues I had with Eternal Hunger have either disappeared or drastically improved with this definitely superior sequel.

This second installment in the Mark of the Vampire series focuses on Nicolas, another son of the Breeding Male who has been forced into early maturity by the order.  Like his brother Alexander, he has led a tortured life. Only this time, we see the effects of his misery. In fact, it colors almost everything he says and does.

Nicolas’ mother was a drug addict and a whore, who pimped her son out at a very early age.  So not only did he endure the stigma of his father, but he lived in shame… forced into acts no child should endure… until he was rescued by his brother Lucian.  Now, he seems to live a normal life, but he has never really let go of the dark side of his life. He considers himself dirty and unworthy and still debases himself behind his brothers’ backs.

Shortly after his forced maturation, Nicolas is approached by a woman, claiming to have rescued his son from the man who killed the boy’s mother.  Nicolas is skeptical about the boy’s parentage and Kate’s motives.  But she sacrificed a lot to save the child, running away from her last two months of parole to deliver the boy.  Now Kate and Nicolas are thrown together to track down the Impure who killed the child’s mother, before the Order forces Lucian to become the next Breeding Male.

It was a great romance, with two characters who are both so broken and flawed.  The sexual tension and payoff are explosive.  Learning about Nicolas’ history is heartbreaking, but that just makes things so much more gratifying when he finally finds love.  (I do wish we would have gotten a little more insight into why he was still leading his second life, however, rather than having us draw our own conclusions.)

More is revealed in the ongoing arc surrounding the Impure revolution and the power behind it.  We learn more about Gray (a favorite of mine from the last book) and his journey toward a real life and –hopefully– love with Dillon.  And there’s a great ending, clearly setting up a story for Lucian and Bronwyn.    But despite the side plots, I felt like our main couple and their relationship got the attention they needed.  I felt much more invested in them than I did with Alex and Sara.

A couple of other tidbits: I’m glad this book had a glossary… It needed one!  But there is still frequent use of the “c-word” –which I guess is just a word the author likes and I’m going to have to get over it.  Overall, though, a big improvement & a solid installment in the series.  Can’t wait to get started on Lucian’s book. A little more than 4 stars.

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Eternal Kiss
by Laura Wright
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Review: Eternal Hunger

Alexander and his brothers want nothing to do with others of their kind. They escaped 100 years ago from their vampire communities, anxious to be free of the oppressive rule of the Order… and of the fear and disdain heaped on them because of their father. And while their new lives have been good ones, it all comes crashing down when Alex goes through his vampire maturation a century ahead of schedule. The transition takes away his ability to live in the sun and centers his life on finding his one true mate.

Sara stumbles across Alex while he is going through his transition, saving him from the sunlight that could have killed him. The two experience an attraction, a bond, neither can deny. Circumstances band them together as Alex works to locate the dangerous Impure (vampire-human hybrid) who is wreaking havoc on vamp culture… and to keep Sara safe from the psychotic human trying to kill her.

There is a lot going on and sometimes I felt like it took away some of the attention from the romance. From the problems Sara is fighting with her brother, to the Impure plot, to the mysterious female cutter in the psych ward, to the crazy stalker, and the pureblood vamp vying for Alexander’s attention… I think I would have like things a bit more streamlined. It IS the first book in the series, though, and I realize there is much foundation the author has to lay. I just felt like with so much going on, every element ended up stretched a little thin.

For instance, Alex had the potential to be a really good tortured hero, but the depth of his torment was not as deeply explored as I would have liked. His misery and lifelong rejection could have been an angsty gold-mine, but instead, it was a relatively small point.

We were treated to some pretty good sexual tension, and the payoff was good –I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for it. (And frankly, I wish she didn’t use the word “cunt” so much.)  I liked the dynamic between the brothers and enjoyed the hints at the relationship possibilities between Gray and Dillon as well as Lucian and Bronwyn.

I also liked the interesting spin the author puts on vampire culture, where the vamps are actually kind of prudish as opposed to super-sexual. The world building was clear and easy to understand… and I look forward to seeing where she takes the series next.  3 stars.

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Eternal Hunger
by Laura Wright
Release Date: September 11, 2010
Publisher: Signet