Review: Wrong Side of Hell

Reviewed by Jen 

15 years ago, Logan took a big risk by rescuing a 10 year-old girl from Hell. As a hellhound, it was always his job to bring souls to the realm, not from it.  But at the request of the Seraphim Bill, he took the risk. And he was punished for it extensively.

Now Bill is back, drafting Logan to help the girl once again. Kira is a grown woman now, but someone has killed her and Bill wants Logan to rescue her soul from Purgatory. And he’s not above a little blackmail to get the job done.

Kira has spent the past 15 years in a mental institution, enduring horrors of her own at the hands of an evil doctor. Purgatory is actually a relief from the life she has lead… until evil entities show up, trying to destroy her soul. Logan arrives at just the right time to save her and she recognizes him instantly from her childhood. The two must work together to escape Purgatory and get to safety.

It was hard for me to get into the story right away, mostly because I was distracted by the question of whether these character have more backstory in any of Stone’s other books. It felt like they did. And once Logan stopped being an alpha asshat, I found myself much more invested. I wanted happiness for poor Kira, though I had some reservations about the ease in which she moves into a physical relationship after a history of sexual abuse.

This is listed as a prequel novella in the League of Guardians series, so hopefully, we’ll see more of these two in the future books. (Fans of Stone’s Jaguar books should be happy to know we get a little cameo from a few of her familiar characters at the end of the story… including Declan and Ana. –Not a lot, but just a little taste.) 3 1/2 stars.

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Wrong Side of Hell
by Juliana Stone
Release Date: March 6, 2012
Publisher: Avon

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