Review: A Warrior’s Promise

Reviewed by Jen

Charlotte isn’t your average Scottish lass. She can handle herself in a fight; she is a crack-shot with a bow and arrow; and she speaks her mind without hesitation. All of these are skills which come in handy after her father is kidnapped by agents of the king. On her own, Charlotte must impersonate a young man as she tries to track down her beloved da –and it’s in that disguise that she first meets Bryce.

The strapping highland warrior comes to the aid of a skinny young boy who is accused of stealing food, then takes the lad under his wing. Bryce is on a mission to rescue a spy for the True King of Scotland who was taken prisoner by the current king. Once he hears the boy’s (Charlotte’s) story about a father in need of aid, he decides he’ll partner up with him (her), to make both rescues.

It takes awhile before Bryce catches on that Charles is really Charlotte. But once he does, the easy affection he had toward the boy quickly morphs into something more for the woman. He admires her strength and tenacity, and realizes that he has found a true partner when he was least looking for one.

Even though it’s clear that they suit, neither Charlotte nor Bryce believe they can be together long term. They remind themselves, and each other, of this… over and over and over. And over. They feel like their missions –or at least Bryce’s– must take precedence over love or marriage. Though I don’t know why. It felt like it was a manufactured obstacle, because really, there is no reason why these two shouldn’t be together.

Bryce has his alpha male moments, but I was happy to see that for the most part, he respected Charlotte for who she was. And I enjoyed their adventures together. The love scenes were not very explicit, but they didn’t leave me wanting. The story moved along well and even set up the next (and final) story for Bryce’s brother Trey and his woman.

But much like my complaint with the last book, the series arc about the One True King was pretty weak. Either Bryce or one of his brothers is the King in hiding.  And obviously his identity will be revealed in the last book.  But even when talking to each other in private, they speak of the king in third person.  Who would do that?  It doesn’t ring true.  Eh… I did enjoy the main story though. 3 1/2 stars.

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A Warrior’s Promise
by Donna Fletcher
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Avon

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