Review: Finding My Faith

Reviewed by Jen

Carly Fall continues her Six Saviors series with this second installment, focused on the spiritual Raynor.  He is one of a half dozen alien warriors who have traveled to Earth to track down criminals they call “Colonists” who have escaped from their world.  Unlike his fellow soldiers, however, Raynor can see the spirits of those who are between life and death. And it’s this gift that leads him to Faith.

One of the Colonists is collecting red-headed women to hand over to a Mexican drug lord.  Faith is one of those women.  While she is drugged nearly to-death, her spirit wanders from her body and directly into Raynor’s path.  Once he realizes that she is a victim of the Colonist he is tracking, Raynor begins working with her to try to track down her body and save her before it’s too late.

Raynor fights his overwhelming feelings for Faith because he desperately wants to return to his home planet one day.  And falling in love, especially if he acts on the emotion, will separate him from his alien form forever.   The struggle gets even more difficult once they are together in the flesh.  But falling in love isn’t the only danger. The Colonist who kidnapped Faith has no plans to let her get away.

If you liked The Light Within Me, you’ll enjoy this one too.  The tone is the same and the internal conflict for the hero is identical.  The spiritual element is new, but even the plot is much the same.  Warrior loves woman. Warrior fights his feelings because he doesn’t want to become human. Colonist targets woman.  Warrior realizes the woman is more important than anything and they live happily ever after.

I felt like there was a bit of repetition.  And the info dump at the beginning felt almost exactly like the one I read in the first book.  Just like the first installment, our characters fall In Love at lightning speed.  This time around, the author explains it as normal for men of their species, but it still stunts the believability of the emotional connection.

There were also a few grammatical errors.  Between that and the repetition, this installment felt a little less polished than its predecessor.  3 stars.

*Book provided by author for review

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Finding My Faith
by Carly Fall
Release Date: March 1, 2012
Publisher: Westward Publishing

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