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Reviewed by Jen

Lucan is an ancient vampire warrior. His life’s mission is to protect the world from the Rogues of his kind, fellow vampires who can no longer control their bloodlust. That’s the cause for which all the vampires in the Breed fight. Unlike some of his brothers, however, Lucan does not take comfort in a Breedmate. Such human women with special DNA are the only way for his race to continue. But Lucan doesn’t want the distraction, especially since he is fighting the growing bloodlust that could turn him into everything he despises.

Gabrielle accidentally becomes part of the vampire world when she witnesses a group of Rouges killing a man outside of a nightclub. She manages to take some pictures with her camera phone and escapes to alert the police. Lucan must pose as a cop to gain access to her story and her photographs. But his instant attraction to her makes it impossible to walk away. And when he realizes she is a Breedmate, it complicates things even further.

The story follows Lucan’s efforts to track the growing Rogue movement, while battling with himself over his growing feelings for Gabrielle. I enjoyed the story, though it had a familiar feel: A group of warrior supernaturals, protecting humanity from a dangerous evil, while each finds the woman to complete him. It could describe about a half dozen PNR series right now. But it’s done so often because it works.

The sex is hot and plentiful. And I could practically feel the pull between Gabrielle and Lucan. The pacing is good; the world building is easy to understand. My only complaint is the predictability. Don’t get me wrong, there are some surprises (especially with a well played betrayal in the Breed house) –but most of things played out exactly as I expected: from Lucan’s fight against his feelings; to Gabrielle’s inevitable discovery that he is not a cop and her resulting reaction; to the identity of the Big Bad. And speaking of which, the fact that the author blatantly referred to the Rogue leader without a name became really tiresome. There had to be a better way to keep his identity a secret.

I did enjoy the book, though. The romance was solid. I liked getting to know the brother-warriors of the Breed and I look forward to reading their stories. I am especially excited for Tegan’s book. 3 1/2 stars.

Now, some of you may remember that I won 10 copies of this book from Dell with their Midnight Breed Ambassador program. We had a giveaway here at the blog and on Twitter. Now, I’m inviting everyone else to share your thoughts on the book.  Whether you were a giveaway winner or you read the book on your own time… what did you think?  Talk to me in the comments below and leave a link if you’ve got a review out there, so we can all check it out.

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Kiss of Midnight
by Lara Adrian
Release Date: May 1, 2007
Publisher: Dell



  1. I normally read Historical Romance, but thought this might be a nice change of pace for me. I loved the book and found it hard to put down. The author grabbed my attention right in the beginning and didn’t let go until the end. Lucan is definately an alpha and is totally against having a breedmate. So it was fun to watch him fall for the heroine. Gabrielle has a wild ride as she gets involved with the vampires. However she is a stronger woman than I met in the beginning of the book. Of course I knew that these characters would eventually get together. However, the author made it a great “ride” to get there.
    I did not find the book too “dark”. It is not the type of vampire book that is written by Charlaine Harris. But it is also not as dark as I thought it would be. Maybe the romance between the two main characters lightened it up for me.
    I have ordered the next two books and look forward to reading them. I will probably end up with the whole series!

    I recieved a complimentary copy of Kiss of Midnight. I posted a review at Goodreads.

  2. I love this series. I like the spin on the vampires, being from another place and that they are born not turned.

  3. I really like this series – the world Lara Adrian creates is amazing. Each of the Breed Warriors brings something to the table that is uniquely him. Having read all the books in this series so far, I encourage readers to stick with it. Each story gives you more information, builds suspense and adds to the excitement.

  4. The first time I read this book it was right after I finished the BDB series and I had to keep reminding myself these are two seperate series and to stop comparing them. In the end, I liked it and would give it the same rating you did. Tegan’s book is my favorite and has one of my all time fav smutty scenes in it 😀

  5. Okay… It’s been a while since I’ve read KISS OF MIDNIGHT, and I’m stretching back to recall my initial thoughts. Back then I was on Shelfari and didn’t blog. I gave it 3 stars and this is what I wrote: “This was a pretty good book overall, and in time I’ll probably bump my 3 stars to 4 stars. I enjoyed the different vampire mythology. The story reminded me a lot of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward, which is why I didn’t give it 4 stars – I felt like I’d “been there, done that” a few times. All-in-all an enjoyable, fairly exciting read.”

    I had read the book shortly after reading the first 6 BDB books and found it too much the same and it bothered me. I think that’s what you may be referring to “predictability.” BUT.. with that said, this is definitely one of those series that gets better as time goes on. The most recent book is one of my all time favorites! After the first 3 (?) books, there is a shift in focus and direction and the books seem fresher and better. I highly recommend this series to all PNR fans and I also recommend it as a “starter series” for romance fans wanting to try a vamp-centric PNR.

    Jen, what book are you on?

  6. I enjoy this series. I started it while waiting for the next BDB book a few years ago. It is pretty formulaic like you said and I haven’t read the past few. To be honest I’m not sure which guy I even left off at lol but I do plan on catching up one of these days.

  7. This is my favorite vampire series. I have not read the 10th book yet though. I actually have it up next. I liked her brand of vamp & their mates. The glyphs are kinda sexy too. They are kinda a mood skin tatt.

  8. I love this series. I was a little concerned when I first started reading and the take that she used on vampires (the being from another planet thing). I found that that didn’t bother me at all and it was nice to read something different. I have heard rumors that the series is ending and that there will be a spin off series. I don’t know, but I really enjoy her writing style and will continue on with either this series or the next.

    • The alien element didn’t really bother me. LOL. It’s as good of an explanation as anything else I’ve heard for the origins of vampirism. –I haven’t heard anything about a spinoff, but I’ll keep my ears open. (I’ve been out of the loop.)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Love this series. I’ve read all 9, except for the newest that just came out… (Love CHASE!) The books are great but I agree about the predictability about vampires saving mankind. It has been done quite a bit.
    My main problem with Kiss of Midnight and a few books afterward was the author’s bad grammar, like commas in the wrong place or none at all, etc. I’m a grammar Nazi and I cringed far too often. After Niko’s book, Veil of Midnight(book 5), the grammar really improved.
    Oh, and Jen, I don’t know if you’ve read Tegan’s book yet, Midnight Awakening, but it’s one of my favorites. He’s like the hottest Breed male to date! Personally, I think his Breedmate (won’t say name because of spoilers) is a bit annoying but it’s really a great book!

  10. I’m so bummed I didn’t know about the giveaway! The series sounds awesome though. Really enjoyed reading your post and then reading through the comments. *sigh* yet another series to add to the TBR pile.

  11. I love this series! The different take on the vampire “breed” and the world she creates are fabulous and of course some very hot vamps 🙂

  12. I liked the book, but I wasn’t wowed by it. It was a very predictable vampire book to me.

  13. I received a copy of this too and I did like it. I read the 2nd and 3rd book (love Tegan) and haven’t had time to go farther, but I am going to get there! My TBR list is far to long and gets longer all the time. I just need to focus on one series and knock it out. I did give my sister-in-law the book and she has ordered the next 2 to read if that tells you anything.

  14. I’ve read all of the books in this series – and love them all. I love the world that Lara Adrian has created. Lucan holds a special place in my heart because he was the first Breed that I met. I think that Adrian does a great job keeping the Breed world fresh and interesting – and the romances are all quite memorable.

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