Review: Lord of Scoundrels

Reviewed by Jen

It’s very hard to grow up the product of mixed heritage in the ton, even if you are the legitimate heir to several titles. No one knows this better than the Marquess of Dain. His mother left him as a child; his father scorned the half-breed reminder of his failed marriage. He was ridiculed and harassed for his dark skin and big nose. He never knew love. And it hardened him into a man that does what he wants, lives by his own rules and never lets anyone in.

By many standards Jessica is a spinster. After all, she is 27 and unwed. But it’s by choice. She is as intelligent as she is beautiful and can easily support herself with her gift for buying and selling antiques. Unfortunately, her younger brother isn’t quite as bright and the young man idolizes Dain. He can’t keep up with the betting and whoring though, so Jessica seeks out Dain to ask him to leave her brother alone.

When Dain and Jessica meet, the attraction is instant. It’s a quick fall for both of them –and though the path is rocky– they end up together. The best part about the book, however, is watching Dain slowly begin to see his self-worth through Jessica’s eyes. He has considered himself a monster his entire life, but she sees him as so much more. He fights it, of course. Her care and regard are like nothing he has ever known. But that is why it’s so good! Jessica sees what we, the readers, see: a wounded man who needs her love.

Both main characters are fantastic. Loretta Chase crafts them as so understandable and sympathetic. Jessica has a will of steel and she is giving without ever being spineless. Dain is damaged, but his love for Jessica is so sweet and desperate.  Outwardly, he’s a dark, giant brute, but that’s only because it’s what he allows people to see. The bedroom scenes were hot and satisfying; and there was just enough action thrown in to spice things up with a sidestory about a greedy friend and ex-lover.

I enjoyed it alot. 4 1/2 stars.

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Lord of Scoundrels
by Loretta Chase
Release Date: January 1995
Publisher: Avon


  1. Great review! I’ve heard so many wonderful reviews on Chase’s books, but I don’t believe I’ve ever read one! *gasp* Or if I did, it was years and years agoo. I know they are on my list though! Will have to move this one up a bit—it’s a bit rare for me to see you give a book anything above 3.5, so this must be extra special! 😀

    TBQ’s Book Palace

  2. Ooooh! I love, love a good historical romance, and you just talked me into adding this to my TBR.
    Thank you.

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