Review: Improper Relations

Reviewed by Jen

A widow of a loveless marriage, Hannah has never known passion.  Her husband left her penniless when he died and she was forced to become a ladies’ companion to his aunt in order keep a roof over her head.  Her life is as drab and unremarkable as the plain and unflattering clothes she is forced to wear every day. All that changes after an unexpected encounter in the library.

Hannah has always been intrigued by Leo, a handsome cousin by marriage.  So when she accidentally witnesses his tryst with a maid, she can’t look away.  And Leo knows it.  As soon as the maid leaves, he calls her out of her hiding place and makes her an offer: a sexual education and pleasure like she has never known.  Curiosity and attraction create an intoxicating blend she can’t ignore.

The story follows the course of Hannah’s lessons in sexual pleasure and her inevitable fall for cousin Leo.  It’s a hot read.  Hannah is likeable, though a bit downtrodden. It’s not an epic romance. The story is short and the time we have with Hannah and Leo is basically spent, uh, en flagrante delicto, so it’s kind of hard to feel the love.  But I did feel the heat.

I enjoyed watching the spark in Hannah build into a fire and though the ending was a bit rushed, it left me feeling satisfied.

Rating: B-

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  Improper Relations
by Juliana Ross
Release Date: April 23, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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