5 for Friday – June 8

Welcome to 5 for Friday, the birthday edition! That’s right. Today I am celebrating my 8th Annual 29th Birthday.  I probably won’t actually do anything to celebrate, but I am treating myself to a weekend of great reading. Maybe I’ll finally let myself read the copy of Once Burned that’s been staring at my from my kitchen table.  Or maybe I’ll glut myself in a BDB Qhuay re-read in honor of…

5. Lover At Last.  Oh. My. God.  The only book I have ever been this excited about is (maybe) Shadowfever. And honestly, I’m not even sure if I was this excited about that one.  I love the cover, even though I would have liked to see Blay on there too.

I know everybody talked about it yesterday, but I don’t see myself getting tired of looking at this one. Please, God, can March get here any sooner?

4. Speaking of anticipation, the Magic Mike release is just three weeks away.  If you haven’t seen the It’s Raining Men version of the trailer, you are seriously missing out.

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, maybe a little stripping preview with Big Dick Richie will do the trick:

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It’s like Christmas, right?  And speaking of male strippers, I wonder if it would be frowned upon to hire some to perform in the lobby at RT this year. They have strippers in Kansas City, right? I’m ready to tear that shit up!

3. I swear I’m sticking to my man candy theme, when I tell you that NOW is the time to start watching Spartacus. If you don’t already, you are seriously missing out. There is action, violence, sex, and full frontal male nudity by the bucket-load.  (It’s also got boobies if you want to convince your man to watch with you. Or maybe boobies float your boat too. It’s win-win.)

Anyway, Starz is replaying all the episodes in order, starting tonight!  Check out the clip and set your DVR. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

2. OK, clearly I’m on a video kick today. Seems like a good time to stick in my Tumblr Photo of the Week.

((**Photo removed to prevent copyright infringement**))

1. And finally, as I was trolling YouTube yesterday, I came across this delightful video of some charming Asian men wishing me a happy birthday.  I laughed so hard that I cried.

I swear I’ll talk more about books next week.



  1. Magic Mike videos great……Happy Birthay video….mmmm those are some small candles they are working with. lol


  2. It’s your birthday and you put up the Magic Mike videos for us?? You’re an amazing person 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Spartacus is definitely an equal opportunity show when it comes to the nudity. 😉 I’m sad they’re only doing one more season. I think I’ve watched the It’s Raining Men trailer for Magic Mike more than a couple of times. That movie can have the worst writing/acting/dialog in the world and it’ll still be good! Hehe. And as far as Lover At Last goes… OMG!!!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT for this book!!!! I love the cover, I think it’s my favorite in the series so far! WOOT!

    • It wasn’t the same after Andy, but I still love it!

      My friends and I have decided to get a little drunk before we go see Magic Mike. Then it won’t matter how bad it is. We’ll just be looking at the stripping!

  4. Happy 29th 😉 I can’t wait for Magic Mike to come out! I love the title for the next BDB book but I was kind of hoping for a couple of shirtless guys on the cover.

  5. OMG, I think I’m going to have to find that happy birthday video on my own Bday and watch it again. As for Magic Mike, I rarely go to movies, but I think I’m going to have to make an exception for this one. Hope you have a great day.

  6. wow i had not seen the magic mike trailer yet. so funny the first one i can’t even tell what the plot is….but i don’t care. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday 29th birthday Jen!! ;o)

    I am really sad… the Asian strippers doesn’t have a picture! It’s all green screen. Based off of the music though, that video has got to be awesome!

    Magic Mike… mmmm yes. I saw one (crappy) trailer on TV had NO idea what the movie was about. The Mr. said it was the Thunder Down Under movie (I tried to get him to go to that the last time we were in Vegas). Good to know that it is exactly that! I know what I’m doing on the 29th!

  8. These were great! Happy Birthday! I sent the asian strippers to my hubby at work… we’ll see if he calls to tell to stop watching that crap, or to tell me everyone at the office thought it funny!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! If I wasn’t at work right now (yes, I shouldn’t be on here-LOL!), I would totally be watching the Magic Mike video (and the other ones too). Damn!

    Did you see this about J.R.’s reason for not having Blay on the cover?
    “I do think it’s going to be important for people to realize the story’s going to be written as it comes (came) to me, and that they’re not getting special treatment either for or against them because of their sexuality- to me, this story has always been about Qhuinn coming around and accepting who he really is and who he really loves- so the title and the cover was always about him in my mind. This is not to dimish Blay or his journey or his role- not at all. And it is not a case of the book focusing solely on Qhuinn and ignoring Blay’s feelings (because he’s going to have some big issues to deal with, too.) I just think Qhuinn’s the one who’s fought against their HEA and is the one who has to travel the most to get there. If that makes any sense?”

  10. Hey Jen, First of all –HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope you have a great day!! Second— THANKYOUSOVERYMUCH for the Magic Mike and MTV videos–OMG..Channing Tatum–love him!!! And then Matthew and Joe–OMG.. I could not ask for more and it really is like Christmas came early!! LOL 🙂 I knew I liked you before but now after that you are like my fave book blogger evah!!!! LOL 🙂

  11. After watching both the Magic Mike videos I can say: fgdxjkbzhjrkbgnmfzbvjkzbgjlKBDvj *cold shower time*

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    Maybe Magic Mike will show up at your door tonight with a special junk shake – that would be the best birthday present EVER.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I love the new BDB cover. He looks fierce!

    And OMG, Joe M. stroking his axe on the MTV Movie Awards? HAWT.

  14. Ha! I like your “8th Annual 29th Birthday” LOL. I do that, too. I celebrated my 4th annual 29th birthday in January (I think I counted that correctly…). Woohoo for bloggers with multiple 29th birthdays!
    And happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday Jen!

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