Review: Devil’s Gate

Reviewed by Jen

I have read all of the novellas associated with the Elder Races series. I’ve enjoyed them, but they’ve always felt disconnected from the full length books in the series.  Until now.  “Devil’s Gate” is kind of like a magnet that picks up a bunch of bits and pieces from just almost every novel and novella that’s come before and successfully cashes in on the richness of the established world-building.  And I liked it.

Remember that Medusa medical examiner?  She’s our heroine. And Carling’s vampire lawyer dude?  That’s the hero!  Seremela and Duncan now work for Carling and Rune in their new business venture. The two are friendly and each is attracted to the other.  When Seremela’s niece goes missing, Duncan steps in to help her find the girl and bring her home.  As the trip throws them together, they finally stop hiding how they feel for one another.

The missing niece is the girl who lifted those tarot cards off of Claudia in “Natural Evil.” And she has run off to “Devil’s Gate,” a magic infused area where humans and Elder Races are flocking to make a quick buck.  She gets in pretty big trouble, and some of the beings there are tied into the Dark Fae political plot from Storm’s Heart and the djinn community of Oracle’s Moon.  It all fits in together so smoothly. It really is a treat for fans who have read all the books.

Much of the focus is on the adventure, and the romance isn’t too deeply developed. But knowing that these two already had an established relationship of a sort, it makes it easier to accept it when things move quickly at the end.  I like how Harrison maintains the “otherness” of her characters, yet makes them so easy to relate to emotionally. And the sex.  The lady writes some great sex.

Now I am hungrier than ever for Lord’s Fall. More please.

Rating: B

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Devil’s Gate
by Thea Harrison
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Samhain


  1. I haven’t gotten a chance to read Natural Evil yet, but would I still enjoy this one without having read the other one first? I’m more into reading this one than the other for some reason.

  2. This gives me another reason why I need to catch up with this series. Great review Jen!

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