Review: Hearts of Fire

Reviewed by Jen

Boy, do I love me some dragon shifters.

It’s 1889. Brand has left his home in Sweden with others of his kind to start his life over again in the growing town of Seatttle. He knows that some of his companions have nefarious intentions, but he needs to get away from the woman who broke his heart… the woman who rejected him when she learned he could turn into a dragon.

The moment Alice lays eyes on Brand, she knows their destinies are entertwined. She is an Owl shifter, daughter to Seattle’s leader. And she makes it her mission to bring the handsome new stranger into her life.
Sure enough, the sparks fly between these two. But can Alice accept that the man of her dreams is from the most reviled breed of shifters? Beyond that, what will it mean for her family’s home when they discover what the dragons have in store for them?

I liked the story, though it was really short and the I Love You’s were flowing at the speed of light. It’s the age-old forbidden love story, with a twist. There’s not a lot of emotional resonance, but it’s superficially enjoyable. And it sets up the state of a present day world explored in the Deadglass trilogy. The first book, Hearts of Darkness, is out in August.

Rating: C+

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Hearts of Fire
by Kira Brady
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Publisher: Zebra


  1. Great review!!! I’m intrigued!!! Luv shifters, especially dragons!!! The cover is awesome!!! It’s very alluring!!! Adding this read to my TBR list!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Jen!!!

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