Review: A Dark Kiss of Rapture by Sylvia Day

Reviewed by Jen

This is a great little prequel to Sylvia Day’s Renegade Angel series. I actually read this one after A Touch of Crimson and was able to enjoy it quite a bit.

Our hero is Raze, one of the vampires/ Fallen Angels.  As part of their leader’s inner circle, it is his job to police the minions created by his people. Often, when one of the Fallen tries to turn a human, he meets less than ideal results.  Raze must make sure the minions aren’t doing too much damage to humanity or acting in a way that will expose their existence.

As the story begins, someone has left a dead body on Raze’s doorstep, which sets him on a mission to find the minion responsible.  His hunt takes him to Chicago where he meets Kim, a gorgeous human who approaches him for a one-night stand.  It’s what they think they both want… what they both need.  But they end up with a deeper connection that neither has ever felt before.

I liked it.  It was obvious in A Touch of Crimson that the Fallen Angels were not cookie-cutter villains. And here, we see them even more in their element. They are flawed, but they are not all evil.  They want love and happiness and normalcy.  Raze has never had that and I like watching him get his first taste of that with Kim.  (The sex is pretty hot too.)

The story is short and the ending is only a HFN, but I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m really glad Day didn’t rush them into I Love You’s.

Worth reading for fans of the series or anyone who wants to see if these books might be a good fit. You can’t beat the price! It’s free on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Dark Kiss of Rapture
by Sylvia Day
Release Date: October 6, 2011


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