Review: A Hunger So Wild by Sylvia Day

Reviewed by Jen

For about five seconds, I considered reading this book without reading A Touch of Crimson.  I’m so glad I didn’t. While I probably would have eventually figured out what was going on, I can’t imagine that I would have found it nearly as good if I were not so familiar with the world-building or invested in the characters.  So before I get too far into this, let me recommend that if you haven’t read the first book in this series, you should do so before you start this one.

This is Elijah’s story.  He is the reluctant Alpha of the lycans who recently rose up from the indentured servitude of the warrior angels. His life has been turned on its ear by the rebellion. Hunting vampires for the Seraphim has been all he has ever known. Now the vampires are coming to him, asking for an alliance. It’s an offer too good to refuse with the lycans’ limited resources and the angels breathing down their backs.

The vampires’ ambassador is Vashti, the beautiful sexy vamp he wanted so much when he saw her in the last book.  Of course, it’s not so simple as to just getting her into bed.  She is the vampire who killed his friend Micah.  His sense of honor demands justice as does Micah’s mate, but the alliance is more important than revenge. He must put aside his anger and grief to work with Vashti long enough to figure out what is causing the illness sweeping through vampire minions. Then he plans to kill her.

Vashti is no fan of the lycans. After all, they brutally killed her mate decades ago. But even her hatred can’t dull the fiery passion she feels for Elijah.  A passion they have for one another, despite everything else.

It was hard for me relate to these two wanting to screw each other’s brains out when they wished each other dead.  Thankfully, they start to like each other quickly and that is not an issue for very long.  There are other issues that take its place, though, mostly on Vashti’s end.  She doesn’t want to want Elijah and she certainly doesn’t want to have feelings for him. Her reasons why become clearer the more we read, but I never really did warm up to her.  She’s too reluctant of a love interest and she is a very hard woman.

Elijah, on the other hand, is a great hero.  He is alpha and strong without ever being power-hungry or a jerk. He is thoughtful and patient. He knows what he wants and he will settle for nothing less, both in his pack and in his relationship with Vashti.

There’s a lot going on here beyond the relationship. We learn more about the vamp-sickness and the master-plan against the angels and the vampires.  We get more from Adrian and Lindsay –and even follow up on the two novellas.  There is good mix of action and “the bigger picture” which kept me on the edge of my seat. And the sex is really hot, even if the very first love scene was somewhat disturbing.

The ending made it clear what would happen between our hero and heroine, but so much is still left undone.  I am beside myself that I must wait until next year to get the answers to all my questions, but that just shows how much I have become invested in this world.

Rating: B

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A Hunger So Wild
by Sylvia Day
Release Date: July 3, 2012
Publisher: Signet

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