Review: A Most Naked Solution

Reviewed by Jen

Lord Camden Grey is a mathematician at heart. But he is also a Justice of the Peace. And he know there is more to the death of Richard Harding than meets the eye.  A brief investigation found he had been killed by poachers, but Camden doesn’t buy it… especially after a witness comes forward, claiming he heard about a murder-for-hire in the local tavern.

Camden’s number one suspect is Richard’s wife, Sophia.  After all, the witness said the killers were hired by a woman.  It’s been years since Camden saw her –not since he tutored her brother years ago and she developed a crush on him.  Determined he would not let their past get in the way of his investigation, Camden seeks her out.

Sophia is no killer. She is a woman getting over horrible abuse at the hands of her late husband.  She is just starting to reclaim her life when Camden shows up on her doorstep.  She ends up helping him solve the mystery of Richard’s death, as she falls again for the man who captured her heart in her youth.

Poor Sophia has been through so much and I felt like the author did an excellent job giving us a look inside her past and state of mind.  She is very damaged and I was a little surprised by how quickly she threw herself into a physical relationship with Camden. And I was a little disappointed at how fast he ended up professing his love for her.

The murder-mystery made for a decent backdrop for the romance.  I just had a hard time feeling the love. Attraction, sure.  Protective instincts… curiosity… even lust… OK.  But there wasn’t enough time or interaction between them for me to see beyond that.  –On the plus side, I was very pleased with the way Sophia came to terms with her issues and her sense of self-worth.  In fact, I felt like her entire journey of healing was done well from the beginning.  I just wasn’t bowled over by the romance.

I must also point out that my review copy had some noticeable typos and errors –and in one case, called the hero Clayton instead of Camden.  But I was reading an ARC and these issues may have been corrected in the finished product.

Rating: C+

*ARC Provided by Avon

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A Most Naked Solution
by Anna Randol
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Publisher: Avon Impulse

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