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Zack, an actor, and Steve, a director, both live in Hollywood and work as part of the same television show. They’ve lived together for two and a half years and are in a D/s relationship. The only way that Zack is able to control his ‘wild ways’ is through the punishment offered in this D/s relationship.

The D/s elements of their relationship were not explicit. The only evidence that I could see of it was Zack wore a collar and Steve would occasional apply a paddle/belt to Zack’s butt and/or use a butt plug. There was mention of training, but there were no details on that and even more surprising – these two are the only two people in the entire book in a D/s relationship.

The beginning of the drama starts when Rich, the producer of the show, starts making a play for Zack. Zack has to protect himself when the producer touches his collar, and Steve does agree that Zack’s actions were warranted …”but for consistency sake, we shouldn’t let it slide completely”. Say what?!? If you’re in a truly D/s relationship, aren’t there rules about things like that? I’m not going to suggest any specific rules, but how do you get around things like that if your community is not aware of your lifestyle choice?

The story picks up steam when Zack answers his door to find his parents on his porch. Turns out, his parents are in a religious sect very much like the LDS.  We find out that Zack hasn’t told Steve any of his ‘true’ background as part of this sect. How can your relationship work when you don’t tell your Dom/ significant other all about your past?

Some of the more interesting, secondary characters include Rich, who is supposedly a Dom but only ever comes across as a total douche. We do get to meet Steve’s hippie mother Crystal along with Zack’s mother Mary who it turns out is quite a loving parent to her eldest child.The sex scenes between Zack and Steve were plentiful but brief; unfortunately, I never felt the connection that these two were suppose to have as a couple. I don’t know what wasn’t working for me but those two definitely weren’t.

Overall, I couldn’t connect with the characters and I never saw any evidence of Zack’s wild ways, especially when I’m told that the relationship was essentially to help him curb that. I just didn’t get it and I’m still trying to figure out why Steve needed a leash for Zack.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C-

*ARC provided by author for review

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by Liz Borino
Release Date: June 22, 2012
Publisher: Lazy Day


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