Review: Moonlight Secrets: Werewolf Love Story

Reviewed by Shelly

All separate and short tales, these stories will appeal to those who like their stories with a little, okay a lot of spice.

What I didn’t see and should have seen was a disclaimer that read something like ‘a single story contains a sexual situation involving a werewolf in beast form’. Some people, including me, like to have those things pointed out up front. Also, the title of the book is a little misleading. There is only one story in the series of nine where a werewolf is involved. I think a better title might have been something like ‘Secrets’ because all of the stories had that in common.

Below is a list of the stories, and I’m adding the genre in parenthesis.
1. Moonlight Secrets (shifter, paranormal ***disclaimer – sexual situation involving a werewolf in beast form) – Rating C (I’m taking points away because of that missing disclaimer)
2. Friendly Skies (contemporary) – Rating A-
3. Between the Soul and Soft Machine (sci-fi) – Rating A+
4. The Ambush (vampire, paranormal, suspense) – Rating B
5. Warm and Wet (contemporary, suspense, action) – Rating B+
6. The Passion of Spies (contemporary) – Rating C+
7. In Good Health  (contemporary) – Rating B
8. Feeling Right Doing Wrong (contemporary, action, suspense) – Rating A-
9. Sexting in Class (contemporary) – Rating C

I’m not going to review each story, but I will say that I really enjoyed the majority of the stories and especially the interesting places and situations that the characters ‘came together.’ One of my faves is “Friendly Skies” about Cara and Eric a married couple who are in flight on their way to a vacation.  Eric decides that the only way to get uptight Cara to relax and begin enjoying their vacation is to bargain. And oh boy dies he bargain well. I can’t give away too much here because it’s a short story after all but I will say that even with brevity, the sex scene was very well written.

“Between the Soul and Soft Machine” was really well done also. Cyborg Alee and Lawman Jackson are a good match that worked for me. Alee’s gotta figure out how to be more ‘human’ and it’s Jackson’s job to teach her. Well of course, Jackson decides that she needs more than a lesson on interrogation. I’m thrilled to say that the sex scene was believable and sexy between this particular lawman and his partner.

In “Feeling Right Doing Wrong,”  Anna and Miska are enemies on opposite sides of the law. Former law agency partners, Anna’s career is focused on bring Miska down and making him pay for his crimes. We’ll, low and behold, there’s some feelings there too. I can really see this story being a full length novel. There’s so much left unsaid that I was kinda, slightly upset when I turned to the last page. This couple is magic on paper and the tension between them was palpable and I can’t wait to see if we get more of them.

The ones that I rated an ‘A’ are the stories I would really like to see flushed out into a novel. These were above average and really quite well done.  As you can see, some stories were better that others but I think that’s par for the course when you get multiple stories in the same novel.

Overall, the characters were likeable and the sex scenes were well told and quite good (except for the story with the beast form. In my eyes, you can’t dress that up to make it sexy).

Happy reading folks!

Overall rating: B*Book provided by author for review 
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Moonlight Secrets: Werewolf Love Story
by Lisa Tyler
Release Date: March 20, 2012

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