Review: No Holds Barred

Reviewed by Jen

Caitlin is completely in love with her fiance, Nathan, and she is shocked when he offers to give her a threesome with him and his best friend.  Sure, she likes reading dirty menage stories in her books, but has never considered trying one in her real life.  Nathan and his friend Liam have shared women in the past, but Cait thought it was just that… the past.

Once Liam arrives for a visit from the military, Cait is a wreck. At first, she is fearful that Nathan is dissatisfied with their relationship. Then she starts to wonder what it might be like to take him up on his offer.  She is nervous, uncomfortable and embarrassed.  But when the men approach her in just the right way, she decides to put her fears aside and give it a try.

This is a short, hot read. The sex is good and I like that the author did not try to turn a HFN into a HEA.  But I felt like the story was divided into two parts: the first half, where Cait is obsessing about whether or not to have the threesome; and the second half, which details the sex.  I appreciate the effort that the author puts in to show us that Cait is loyal to Nathan, but her indecision was too pronounced in a story of this length. If it were a longer story, I could see it, but when the whole story is 45 pages, 22 of them is too long for waffling.

When we do get to the good stuff, it’s pretty tame for a menage, but I did enjoy it.  The foreplay, especially is quite effective.  A fun, quick read.

Rating: C+

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No Holds Barred
by Callie Croix
Release Date: November 21, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press

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