Review: Soul Sisters

Reviewed by Shelly

Wow, what a hard read….

Ani and Dana are ‘soul sisters’ who look like identical twins. When we’re introduced to them, Dana is working at the local department store and her ‘soul sister’ Ani is present only when Dana is in distress.

I had a bit of trouble with this book. For me, the editing needed a lot of help. The text alignment in my e-book version was centered (like in a poem), I don’t know about you but I’ve been trained to read books that have a justified text alignment. There were also some timeline issues I had trouble with. In an early chapter I read that Dana was 10 in 1913 but in the next chapter I read that in 1912, she’s 23 (huh?). At this point, I found myself going back to make sure that I’m understanding the progression of the story because the writer uses flashback and I want to be sure I’m able to keep up with the story and clearly I’m not doing a good job.

Another confusing part for me was the random change between characters’ thoughts, in any given paragraph there could be up to three characters and again, I had to do some re-reading because I wasn’t sure who was talking/thinking.

In addition to the editing, I just couldn’t get into the storyline. I didn’t understand how and why Ani the ‘soul sister’ was created. I didn’t understand how Dana could so easily ‘sell her soul’ to a vampire for her dying husband. Yes I understand wanting to save her husband but I didn’t understand why that was her ONLY choice. There are a lot of why’s I just didn’t understand and maybe I didn’t understand the why’s because I just didn’t get it.

There were a couple of love interests for Ani and Dana but they came in so late in the story, more than half way in, that it was hard for me to care if they stayed together or not. And if you’re looking for any hanky-panky, there’s none. We know it happens we just don’t get the when/where/how.

Over all, I didn’t like this book and I honestly am not going to recommend it unless it undergoes a serious overhaul.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

*ARC provided by author for review

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Soul Sisters
by Janiera Eldridge
Release Date: May 23, 2012


  1. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it. There was no hanky pinky because that’s just not a direction I wanted the book to go in. It’s for teens as well as adults. Most of your questions get answered in the second book including more on the love interest.
    I just received a publishing deal for Soul Sisters and it well be re released. Hopefully it will clear up the editing that made it hard for you to read. I appreciate all reviews because I don’t expect everyone to like my books. Thank you and Happy Reading!

  2. I would love to re-review your work after it’s gone through editing.

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