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Reviewed by Jen

An injury in battle has left Sarina irrevocably scarred.  Her people carry L’inar, hypersensitive lines throughout their bodies, which help enhance their sexual experiences.  But Sarina’s have been severed in one place, leading her to believe she will never again feel full sexual pleasure.  Once a great warrior, now she is being relegated to bodyguard duty… because without the release of orgasm, she could slowly go insane.

John is the man Sarina is charged to protect. He is a human who is part of the treaty negotiations between her people and his.   He is actually more than that, though. He is also an undercover operative tasked with seeing the treaty completed.

When Sarina and John come face-to-face, they are both attracted to one another.  Sarina doesn’t believe she can really reach her peak with him, but she wants to try.  Lo and behold, the sexy human manages to take her to heights she thought she would never reach again. But is there any kind of future for them?  And even more important, can she keep him alive long enough to find out?

The story was definitely sexy. Sarina’s entire race is filled with sexual beings and their way of life made her quick and fiery sexual relationship with John more palatable.  The psychic connection also eased the way for their emotional bond.  The sex was hot and I really liked that the author did not force a permanent solution on them after such a short time. I was very satisfied with the ending we got.

Sometimes I felt like Sarina’s alien idiosychrocies made it “easy” to overcome the roadblocks most couples would face in their situation…  And the public sex wasn’t great for me.  But overall, I liked it well enough.  It wasn’t all that emotionally stirring, but it did have action and a good heat factor.  This is book three in the Confederacy Treaty series, but this would work fine as a standalone.

Rating: C+

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Undercover Alliance
by Lilly Cain
Release Date: June 25, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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