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No one patches up the incoming wounded like Dr. Petra Robichaud. Recruited by the gods for her uncanny medical skills, she’s the best M*A*S*H surgeon in the army. Along with a nosy guard sphinx,vegetarian werewolf, and otherparanormal paramedics, she bandages soldiers who are built like Greek gods (literally). But when one sexy immortal ends up on her operating table—half dead and totally to-die-for—Petra’s afraid she’ll lose her patient and her heart…
Commander Galen of Delphi is one gorgeous but stubborn demi-god. When his spirit tries to slip out of his fatally wounded body, Dr. Petra has to slip it back in—unwittingly revealing her ability to see ghosts. Now that Galen knows her secret, he’s convinced she’s part of an ancient prophecy. If the oracles are right, Petra could lead Galen’s army to peace. And if he seduces her on the way to hell and back? Heaven knows—all’s fair in love and war…
Immortally Yours
by Angie Fox

Headline: Mayan Insider Scoop! Developed Armageddon “Prophecy” After Tequila Bender

Article: Not really. Well, maybe. It’s as good of a theory as anything I’ve heard. And it’s all part of this special project I’m doing that has gotten slightly out of hand.

You see, Immortally Yours just came out today, and it takes place in and around a paranormal MASH unit during a great supernatural war.

While the book mainly focuses around the hero, who is a tough-as-nails special ops soldier, and the heroine, who is a combat surgeon, I also needed to include a world beyond the quirky MASH camp.

Besides, the characters need to get their news, right? So PNN is the supernatural version of CNN, with a few exceptions. Sure, PNN can be a little sensationalistic, with articles like: “Werewolf Streaker Says He’s Got it All Covered” and “Five Things in Your Lair That Can Kill You.” But I figured it’s a good way to offer up good information as well.

In fact, I’ve created an entire website for PNN at It’s a fun way for readers to experience first-hand kind of world I’ve created, and it could also help you win a signed copy of Immortally Yours from Red Hot Books.

To enter, just check out, then post the title of your favorite article below.

This contest is closed. The winner is Joanne.


  1. Definitely like the Sit, Sit, SIT! Tips for Training Your Hellhound. My sister has a hellhound, and, frankly, that dog could’ve used some training!

  2. I can relate. I’ve got a hellhound sitting next to me right now, snarling at the sound of the neighbor’s lawnmower. Go get em, doggie.

  3. I am loving them! They are so funny.
    I really liked this one ~ Use Your Inside Voices: Tips From A Banshee Babysitter or Werewolf fiddling on iPhone claims to have heard wife.
    Congrats on your new release! I had the chance to read the first chapter and enjoyed it!
    trb0917 at

  4. I like them all! My favorite one is Sit, Sit, SIT! Tips For Training Your Hellhound. I can’t wait to read Immortally Yours!!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  5. Use Your Inside Voices: Tips From A Banshee Babysitter. this one tickled my fancy. I swear my oldest son could have out screeched a banshee when he was little. rofl. thanks for chance to win.

  6. Definitely Sit, Sit, SIT! Tips for Training Your HellHound! We’re actually going through a little hellhound training right now:) Can’t say the symptoms are the same for our pooch like snorting fire or chewing through cement and I am glad for it, lol! Great news network!

  7. Thanks, Tina! There werewolf fiddling on the iPhone is based on my husband. Only he doesn’t have super hearing. And all the stories I tell him are interesting. 😉

  8. Glad to do it, Natasha. So happy to hear you’re excited about the book!

  9. Too true, Pam. I lived it this summer. You should have seen all the parents smiling at the welcome assembly on the first day of school.

  10. Glad your hellhound is at least leaving the concrete and the drapes alone, yadkny. Thanks for playing!

  11. My favorite article is “Yeti Style Shocker! Blames Global Warming for Receding Hairline”. Hysterical! Thanks for the chance to win.


  12. My fave PNN article is: Zombies Sue Makers of “Bath Salts” For Copyright Infringement.
    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  13. My favorite is the Sit, Sit, SIT! Tips for Training Your HellHound! Sometimes I think my dogs are hellhounds!

    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

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