Review: Shattered Magic

Reviewed by Jen

Rowan is on the run from her people to escape a marriage she doesn’t want.  She lived her entire life in her small village, hidden from those who would persecute them for their special abilities. She was happy there until an outsider wormed his way in and tried to claim her. Rowan could sense the evil inside him and knew that if she didn’t flee, she would belong to him.

Shortly after her getaway, she is targeted by a dragon. Fortunately, a handsome man steps in and saves her life. She has no idea that he is actually the crown prince, Grantland.  Grant is running from his own family and is trying to decide if he wants his birthright.  There is a connection between these two right away, and when they are stuck together in a cave-in, the attraction only grows.

Rowan realizes quickly that if she loses her virginity to Grant, she’ll never have to marry her betrothed. And after they make love, she has dreams of even more. But once they find out the truth about each other, can they get over their own fears long enough to find a future together?

I like the medieval feel of the story –and I’m always down with dragons. But the speed in which these two fall in “love” is ridiculous… like two days.  It practically ruins the story. The plot is pretty simple and predictable. The characters are superficial. The whole thing is kind-of meh. Not bad, but not very stirring.

This novella is loosely tied to Dark Magic, but you could easily read one without the other.

Rating: C-

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Shattered Magic
by Rebecca York
Release Date: August 20, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

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