Review: Widow’s Web

Reviewed by Jen

Jennifer Estep… how could you do this to me?  Yes, you made it very clear where this story was heading, but it didn’t make it hurt any less to see the hits coming.

The book begins with Gin happy.  She and her sister are solid. Mab is dead. Things are good at the Pork Pit. And her relationship with Owen couldn’t be better. Right there, you know it’s all going to fall apart, because things are never easy for Gin Blanco.

Trouble comes in the form of the beautiful water elemental Salina, henceforth to be known as “the evil bitch.”  She makes her first appearance while Gin and Owen are enjoying a romantic dinner.  It becomes quickly apparent that she and Owen have a romantic history together and she wants him back. As much as Owen loves Gin, it’s obvious his old feelings haven’t gone completely away.  Of course, this wreaks havoc on my Gin’s heart. Her jealousy and fear is only exacerbated by her gut-instinct that there is something nefarious underfoot.

Owen’s old-friend-turned-enemy Phillip Kincaid already knows what Gin suspects: the evil bitch is, indeed, an evil bitch.  She is back from years of exile to get revenge on her enemies and to rekindle her relationship with Owen. Phillip tries to hire Gin to intercede before either can happen.  Gin is conflicted by her assassin instincts and her love for Owen, but once the murders begin and secrets of the past start coming to light, it becomes more and more clear what needs to be done.

I have loved Owen since the moment I met him. He was everything Donovan Caine wasn’t. He was honorable and loyal and he treated Gin the way she deserved to be treated.  He killed me in this book.  Don’t get me wrong… he never stops being the good man we know him to be.  But his loyalty and honor blind him to some hard truths.  Blind Owen breaks my heart.

What I love most about this series are the characters.  They grow and evolve, but stay true to their core.   Which sometimes… hurts. We went through this with Donovan in the past and with Bria too. Sometimes, their journey takes them somewhere we want them to go and other times.. well, it’s just another chance for life to knock Gin down.  She always get up, though, which is one of the amazing things about her character.  This book is where we see Owen have his moment of reckoning.

Is there still action? Yes. Sex? Yep. Flashbacks? Gore? Snark? Cooking? All of the above.  It’s not just about Owen, but when the book is over, his actions and decisions will be what stay with you.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Widow’s Web
by Jennifer Estep
Release Date: August 21, 2012
Publisher: Pocket Books


  1. The conclusion was SO intense. I know all will be ok. It has to, but wow!! I want the next book NOW.

    • (*cries*) I know. It was like being stuck in a bad dream where you knew what was going to happen and you couldn’t stop it.

      I will have to believe it will be ok, too. How else will I make it until April?

  2. Hold me.

  3. Blind Owen makes me want to punch him in the face. Even though you know things will work out when all is said and done, I wanted to smack Owen more than once. I think that is how I dealt with ‘what happens’. Some whimper, some curl up in a ball and sob, I get angry and want to punch fictitious characters in the face. *shrugs* Who knew I had that in me? 😉 Great review Jen!

  4. *sobs* Such a great review!!! I love Owen and I’m mad at Jennifer Estep for making me dislike him so much that I wanted to kick him in his junk!! LOL Hopefully she will make it up in the next book because if not ~ I can’t even think about it!!! I need my HEAs. 😉

  5. WTH?? Open your eyes faster Owen! It was like being stuck on the train tracks and you see the train coming but you didn’t know if your going to drive off the tracks in time, get out of car in time, or just get slammed. Please J. Estep it has to work out because Gin and Owen are perfect together. Like you ladies I want the next book now!

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