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Review: Rise of Hope

Reviewed by Jen

I liked the premise of this book. It follows a group of special men. Each bears tattoo-like markings. Each has a supernatural gift. They were abandoned as children, only to discover each other as adults –and they are working to find others of their kind.

They had found no women, until they learned of Devon. She has been kept a virtual prisoner her entire life. Her accommodations were nice enough. She didn’t want for anything, except a kind touch, privacy, freedom and love.  It’s just as she is preparing to escape her gilded cage that the men come to rescue her.

There is an immediate attraction between Devon and Seth.  They have matching marks and we learn they are essentially fated mates. Unfortunately, Seth is afraid to embrace their connection. His difficult life has kept him emotionally isolated and he doesn’t know any other way.  But mating is a difficult thing to ignore, especially when tensions are high and danger lurks around every corner.

I like the foundation for this series. The problem was that I didn’t particularly like either one of the love interests. Devon is kind of bland and naive.  I didn’t dislike her, but there wasn’t much there for me to latch onto.  We go through the motions with her, but we never really see beyond the superficial of her personality.  We do get a little more insight into Seth, but whatever sympathy his hard life may have engendered was kind of stifled by the way he treats Devon. He keeps trying to dump her off and push her away. There was not much sexual tension and the sex was ok.

The book wasn’t bad. It just didn’t really push my buttons one way or the other. But because I like the idea, I might try the next book in the series to see if that couple manages to grab me more.

Rating: C

*ARC Provided by Carina Press via NetGalley

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Rise of Hope
by Kaily Hart
Release Date: August 27, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press

Live Chat with Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh & Katie MacAlister

Earlier today, I sat in on a great live chat with Ilona Andrews, Katie MacAlister and Nalini Singh. Here are some of the highlights. Sorry if I missed anything!

Q. Will we see a Curran POV book or novella?

IA. It’s being worked on

Q. Why can’t Laura and Walker have their own book?

NS. Their story was too connected to Hawke and Sienna. But they will have a novella next year.

Q. Will Katie ever write about the Blue Dragons?

KM. Probably at some point.

Q. Will there be any more books like Silver Shark or Alphas?

IA. Yes, probably in ebook.

Q. Will there be any more Light Dragons?

KM. Yes, but only as secondary characters.

Q. Will we get a book for Venom and Sorrow?

NS. They are not a couple yet. We’ll see.

Q. Will Kristoff and Pia have a baby?

KM. Don’t know

Q. Will Nalini talk about the origins of her angels?

NS. That will be explored later in the series.

Q. Can we dream of a Julie spinoff?

Gordon: “You can dream… Yes it will be YA and we will make tons of money.” Ilona: “We have no plans.” Gordon: “That’s not true.”

Q. Does Katie have a new YA series coming out?

KM. Not really

Q. Will Dragons and mates mix up with Dark Ones and Beloveds?

KM. Nobody wants to see that.

Q. Have any of Enrique’s victims except Brenna survived?

NS. I will leave you to wonder.

Q. Will we find out more about Vivek and if he will become a vamp?

NS. Yes we will.

Q. In an ultimate fight between Kaleb and the Ghost, who would win?

NS. I can’t answer that! (*laughs*)

Q. If Julie had a book, would the male lead be Derek or Asciano?

IA: You’ll have to read the book. It could go either way.

Q. Gordon, what’s it like being a guy in a female dominated genre?

Gordon: The fact that the books are under Ilona’s name should tell you.

Q. Will we find out how the Duke & Duchess met?

IA. We would have to write a prequel.

Q. Can Gordon give any spoilers?

Gordon: Aunt Bee and Mahon elope.

Q. Will Katie write about another dishy Greek guy in the future?

KM. Yes

Q. Will we get an Ilium book or short story?

NS. A book, not a novella, but I am waiting on the right story.

Q. If Kate and Curran had a biological child, would it be a lycanthrope or would the magic in Kate’s blood be too strong?

IA. Read the book. (Is this a spoiler?)

Q. Will Katie write another historical?

KM. If I have time.

Q. When will the next Psy/Changeling book be out?

NS. June. I can tell you nothing.

Q. Will Kostya have his own set in the dragon books?

KM. Yes

And in a tangent about Jim and Dali, Ilona says Kate & Curran go off for a spell, leaving Jim as the beast lord. Interesting! There were a few other questions too… and we didn’t get to mine (sad face) –but the chat was lots of fun. A big thanks to the authors for taking the time to talk with fans!

Review: The Devil’s Match

Reviewed by Shelly

I couldn’t wait to read this book. I greatly looked forward to finding out how the devil gets his due. Victoria Vane – your writing had me a hello!

This is the best one in the series, not because it’s all about Ludovic and Diana but because this installment really kicked it up a notch with some strong character development. There’s some shit that happens to Ludovic while he’s in Constantinople that test his ability for compassion but I digress.

As these are such closely tied books, The Devil’s Match picks up directly after Diana and Ludovic’s first go-round in The Devil You Know, so there’s still some left over dealings between other characters (Vesta and Hew) to take care of. By the way, I still don’t like Vesta. After leaving England for four years in his quest to get over Diana, Ludovic returns home only to find that he still has feelings for her; and reasonably so Diana is very hurt and mistrustful of Ludovic’s return.

I sympathized with Diana’s feelings on Ludovic leaving. Knowing what she knew, it was hard for her to understand why he would leave not just England but her. This was a story of growth and redemption on the part of Ludovic. He had to learn that living up to his nickname of the devil was no longer making him happy and had not made him happy since laying eyes on Diana.

For Diana she did quite a bit of growing herself because she finally has to make the decision of what’s going to make her happy. Living by society’s rule of what a widow should or shouldn’t do or going after what she believes will make her happy. She comes to find out through Salime, a prostitute at the King’s Place Brothel, of Ludovic’s ability for sympathy and the lengths he’ll go through to protect and defend what he believes is the right thing. Salime turned out to be a gem and I would really like to see her character get flushed out a bit more in her own story [insert Puss in Boots eyes].

As this is a short story, if I start giving you more of the plot I’ll start giving spoilers and I don’t want to that but I do want to leave you with this exchange between Diana and Ludovic.

He knew! The bastard knew all along? “How?” She gasped, pulling from his grasp to rip off the veils. “How did you know it was me?”“Your carriage, your form…your scent,” he answered. “They are all imprinted upon my brain. I would know you among a hundred women, Diana. Every time”.

Tell me that doesn’t tickle your fancy and I’ll call you out.

Not of these installments disappointed, but this one is definitely the hottest and most fun of the series. I really enjoyed this ride and I’m totally going to miss these two (unless Salime has her own story – oops, did I say that already?).

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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The Devil’s Match
by Victoria Vane
Release Date: August 24, 2012
Publisher: Breathless Press

Guest Post & Giveaway: Unsafe Haven

For Kendall Martin, a small, remote village in Southwest Alaska seems like a good place to start over. On the run from an abusive relationship, she leaves everything familiar behind and begins a new life as owner of a small souvenir and sportsman trading post in picturesque Staamat.

Denn Nulo knows everyone in town: he’s the Chief of Police in Staamat. He’s lived there all his life, except for his college years, spent in Anchorage. Originally planning on practicing criminal law and living in Anchorage permanently, Denn is forced to change his plans when he receives word that his widowed mother has passed away, leaving his young sister, Luna, alone. Denn comes back to Staamat to care for Luna.

When Kendall meets Denn, she begins to believe there are truly good men in the world. Denn is everything she wants: strong, loving, dedicated to family, protective. . .and patient. There is instant attraction between them, but Kendall is leery of men, and Denn craves a serious relationship that includes marriage and children. Their courtship is a conflicting mix of hesitancy and passion, with Luna, desperately needing a mother figure in her life, cheering them on.

As Kendall learns how to trust again and her romance with Denn grows more intense, a local woman who’s had her eye on Denn for years releases a torrent of damaging jealousy. . .and the nightmare from Kendall’s past discovers where she’s hidden herself.

She Can Hide, But She can’t Run . . . by Char Chaffin

Okay, that’s a bit of a different take on the standard “hiding out” scenario, but it all depends on what you’re running from and where your hiding place might be. In my new release, Unsafe Haven, the hiding place would be Southwest Alaska, one of the most remote regions in our forty-ninth state. And my heroine, Kendall Martin, thinks it’s far away enough to—finally—escape the sociopath she was engaged to.

But here’s the thing about sociopaths: they’re ridiculously compulsive, and in a lethal game of “Hide and Seek,” they have this overwhelming need to win. But Alaska is such a big state, with so many hiding places. Right?

Yes, it’s big. And it’s tough to get in depending on where you’re headed. In Southwest Alaska where roads stop abruptly in the middle of nowhere and mountain ranges and bodies of water thwart civilization at every turn, it’s possible to find small pockets of people who have survived despite the harsh beauty of the land and have eked out a living. Tiny villages dot the Kuskokwim River and scatter over the tundra, bracketed by the same mountain ranges that defeat their narrow gravel roads. Bush planes fly in often enough to drop food, medical supplies, even something as whimsical as a prom dress or a wedding cake. One of those bush planes drops Kendall into Staamat, predominantly Native Alaskan and in proud possession of a two-man police force. She’s safe, at last. She can stop worrying.

Maybe. Maybe not. You see, now she’s kind of trapped, though she doesn’t yet know it.

Alaska as a setting played a huge role in writing Unsafe Haven. I used to live in Alaska—Fairbanks, in fact—and I always wanted to set a story there. Talk about a land rich with inspiration, Alaska is it. Over the years I’ve answered my share of questions posed by folks who have never been up there and have no idea what it’s like. Thanks to popular cable reality shows such as Flying Wild Alaska, Alaska State Troopers and Ice Road Truckers, more people are getting a better understanding of the more remote Alaskan regions.

But there are things about Alaska I just couldn’t explain, like the soundless hiss the Aurora Borealis makes on a forty-below winter night when the colors dance across the black sky. The way a hungry raven will strut right up to you and demand a share of your meal, should you happen to be noshing on your lunch outside during a warm summer day. Town moose in the yard and snowy owls on the wing, gliding overhead. Midnight sun and endless snow. These images and so many more were in my heart as I wrote.

Kendall, on the run and searching for safety, finds what she needs when she meets up with Denn Nulo, my handsome, strong and caring Native Alaskan cop. But sometimes the most danger you face is cloaked in the last person you’d imagine could ever harm you, as my two would-be soul mates are about to find out.

Setting my story in Alaska was a no-brainer for me and provided me a wonderful walk down memory lane as I wrote Kendall and Denn into the mysteries and wonder of the Last Frontier. If only all my settings could come together this easily!

What are some of your favorite settings for a novel? Do you prefer to keep it real or to add in your own imagination to a chosen locale, creating entire cities and even countries?

Thanks for stopping by!

To enter to win a copy of Unsafe Haven,  just answer Char’s questions in the comments below. 

This giveaway is closed. The winner is Rose.

Review: Full Blooded

Reviewed by Jen

If you’re looking for a solid werewolf urban fantasy, look no further.  Amanda Carlson delivers with this first full length installment in her new Jessica McClain series.  It’s got fantastic characters, hot sex and some awesome action sequences… not to mention good pacing and an interesting story.

Jessica was born as a daughter to the pack Alpha. But the thing is, there are no females born to werewolves.  Her whole life, she has been met with suspicion and derision. Once she passed puberty without shifting, she thought she would live out her life as a human.  She left the pack behind, starting a new life with a new name.  Everything was going well, until her wolf decided it was time to surface.

With her first shift, Jessica is forced to return to the pack.  Her relationship with her father and brother are restored, but there are plenty of other wolves who see her as a threat. A prophecy says that a female werewolf will be an instrument of evil and eventually bring about the end of their race.  Jessica is pretty sure she’s not evil, but neither is she an average shifter. She is something special.  Jess must figure out how to find balance with her wolf, while new threats to her safety come one after another.

I really liked Jessica’s voice.  She is strong and independent, but I never found her arrogant or over-confident.  In fact, she was actually kind of humble and it was awesome watching her realize her potential.  There is a strong cast of supporting characters, like her brother Ty and packmate James. (I do think Nick was a little under-utilized.)  We’ve even got a love interest, who is very sexy and super-mysterious.  And don’t forget about that sex I mentioned earlier.   Yowza.  The romantic element evolved a bit suddenly, but I have a more patience with this in mate-stories than in traditional romance.

With the big climax, Carlson answered all my questions about who’s been gunning for Jess. But she also opens a whole new can of worms with a set-up for the next book.  I am equal parts excited and frustrated.  Excited because it looks like it will be one hell of a second installment.  Frustrated because I won’t be able to read it until next March.  Cliffhangers keel me, but apparently Amanda Carlson loves an open dangler.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Full Blooded
by Amanda Carlson
Release Date: September 11, 2012
Publisher: Orbit

Review: Wrong Bed, Right Guy

Reviewed by Allison

Elle has had the biggest crush on Nathan, her boss/artiste at the art gallery that she coordinates, for months. While normally prim and proper, she decides it’s time to take things in her own hands and take a chance and seduce him. She knows he normally sleeps in the loft above the gallery when he’s working on something big, so she checks for his car outside and goes for it. She slips into bed with him and is amazed at the fiery passion and instant connection she’s been craving for so long… until he starts to speak.

It’s NOT Nathan! Instead of figuring out who the mystery guy is, or even exploring the connection further, Elle bolts and doesn’t look back.

Which leaves us with Gabe, Nathan’s gorgeous brother, who spends the night with Nathan when he doesn’t feel like driving all the way home to an empty house – just having had his mind blown by an amazing blonde who booked it before he could catch her name or who she was. What’s a guy to do?

When Elle finds out who Gabe is, she’s mortified and only wants to put it behind her…but Gabe has other plans. The perfect woman doesn’t walk into your life (or fall into your bed) every day and he refuses to let her run away. He tries lunch (a greasy burger joint that she hates), flowers (she’s allergic!), and making sure she’s taken care of when she gets sick over the flowers (SO cute!). Slowly but surely, he works his way into her life and does his best to make sure he stays there.

I really liked Elle. She is so adorably self-conscious, you can’t help but root for her to snag the sexy night-club-owning-tattoo-artist bad boy! She was easily relatable in that she had been dumped in a bad way, hurt and wasn’t sure if the Gabe (or any man) was trustworthy enough to fall for. The relationship between Elle and Gabe was fun to watch develop even if they had a few missteps along the way. The plot was sort of typical, but it didn’t take away from the journey and was overall a really enjoyable read and a happy ending I was more than satisfied with.

Rating: B

*ARC Provided by Entangled Publishing

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Wrong Bed, Right Guy
by Katee Robert
Release Date: July 20, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Review: Her Game, Their Rules

Reviewed by Shelly

This is a short story with a word count under 37k. This is my first read from this author and I’m not sure if I should have read the first in the series to enjoy this story more, because I sure didn’t. I’ll admit for the umpteenth time that I like a good m/m/f, not sure why –probably some latent fetish– but hey, we all have our kink, so don’t judge. This was not a good m/m/f, it could have been, but it just wasn’t.

Widow Sara Jameson finds out from her banker that there’s a bank account her deceased husband Scott opened and maintained that needs funding. She has no idea who/what/why this account exists so she decides to ask her brother-in-law Jeremy. Jeremy is the other partner of the gaming company that was owned by the brothers. Jeremy is married to Cole and they live quite happily in Jeremy and Scott’s hometown.

Jeremy and Cole have been trying to talk Sara into coming to visit them since the death of her husband and after a year and a half she finally relents. It’s not for the reason that the guys want her to visit but to investigate this mysterious bank account. Turns out that the guys are bisexual and have been lusting after Sara for some time. By the end of Sara’s –and her two year-old son Jack’s– first night at the men’s home, she’s able to hear (from the hallway) the guys having sex. I’m not sure if that’s something a two year old should be hearing, but oh well he’s a heavy sleeper and God forbid that those two should not have sex for a single night.

I didn’t feel like I got any sense of who these people are and unfortunately I could care less about them. The sex was there but I didn’t really give a damn if it was good nor not. As I’m on a tirade right now, you know what folks, I’m about sick of this line – yes we’re two dudes who are [insert any of the following – lovers, married, partners] but we’re not gay, we’re really bisexual. Arghh!

I didn’t like this book and by the end of it, I didn’t feel the need to read the first one in the series. Maybe I’ll try another one from this author.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Her Game, Their Rules
by Lara Valentine
Release Date: August 20, 2012
Publisher: Siren

Review: Dark Soul (Vol. 1-5)

Reviewed by Jen

This is not going to be a story for everyone.  Dark Soul is a disturbing and erotic tale that follows the lives of mob boss Stefano Marino and hired gun Silvio Spadaro.  Stefano is a married man, but from the moment he lays eyes on Silvio, he feels a relentless attraction that he can’t ignore.  If he acts on his feelings, it can ruin his life –or even end it altogether.  But Silvio is so hard to resist. He oozes sex. And he makes no secret that he’s available for the taking.

At first blush, it doesn’t seem all that unconventional. You don’t have to wait long, though, before the first shocking turn.

I’ll tell you right now that there are going to be big spoilers in this review.  I’m not hiding them, either, but if you are considering reading this book, I really think you’ll want to be prepared for what you are getting.

The first Holy Shit moment comes when Silvio tries to break into Stefano’s room to initiate a tryst. Stefano’s bodyguard is there and the boss can’t show any weakness. So he rapes Silvio with a gun.  And Silvio gets off on it.  This was actually far less disturbing than I expected. But it’s our first look at the unorthodox pleasures Silvio enjoys. We come to find out he is the lover of an Italian big boss who took him in as a teen. Their relationship is one of both pleasure and pain, born of Silvio’s need to belong and Battista’s attraction to teenage boys.  When Battista cuts him loose (for being too old,) Silvio is adrift and Stefano is there to catch him and bring him into his Family.

Silvio doesn’t seem to set much value on himself as anything but a killer. He hands out sexual favors like candy and will do anything to get the job done.  As dark as the story was, however, I was doing ok until I hit the second half of volume three and Silvio’s brother Franco shows up. Even more shocking and disturbing than the rape, the abuse, the gang banging, the violence and the cheating… is the incest.

Silvio and Franco have sex. Full-on sex.  And I wish to God they hadn’t, because it made something explode inside my brain. It was repulsive and erotic, heart-breaking, hopeless, hot, and horrible all at the same time.  It’s a small part of a much larger story about Silvio’s sexual and emotional problems, but only you can decide if it’s something you can live with. For me, it crossed the line into “too much,” and was probably the only part of the story that I couldn’t deal with.

Anyway, the sexual tension and relationship that develops between Silvio and Stefano is completely captivating. The sex is freaking molten hot.  Plus, at the same time, there is turmoil in Stefano’s business. He is being targeting by outside forces, his own people and even the law.  –Let’s not forget he has a wife floating around in this mess too.

It seemed, for most of the book, there couldn’t possibly be a happy ending. But there kind of is.  It’s hard not to think of it as too easy. But after all that I went through with the story, I was due for a little sunshine and roses.

The whole thing is pretty amazing. And deep and disturbing and about 1000 other things.  If you know what you’re in for and you think you can deal with it, give it a go and prepare for a wild ride.

*ARC Provided by Riptide

Click to purchase: Amazon (paperback) (ebook: Vol 1)
Dark Soul
by Aleksandr Voinov
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Publisher: Riptide Publishing

5 for Friday – September 7

Happy Friday!! My spirits are high, as I count down the days until the Sons of Anarchy premiere on Tuesday. Set your DVR.  It’s the first of my shows to start up for the new season.  I’m going to try out Revolution on NBC on the 17th. And I am super-excited for Supernatural (10/3) and then The Vampire Diaries the week after. Squee!!

5. While we are talking about The Vampire Diaries, I will admit without reservation that this show is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. And the new trailer is out!! Take a look

ZOMG. I am so Team-Damon.  I don’t understand how anyone can root for Stefan.  These producers need to give me what I want!!!! By the way, I have never read these books and I don’t want to. Season four of TVD premieres October 11th on the CW.

4. Thea Harrison has released the blurb for her upcoming Elder Races novella, Hunter’s Season and she is giving away ARCs!

A Novella of the Elder Races

As a palace guard and assassin for the Dark Fae, Xanthe always wore a mask, hiding her emotions to do her duty. But when her identity is compromised, she trades undercover work for guarding Queen Niniane—a position that often brings her in contact with Chancellor Aubrey Riordan.

Aubrey’s trust is shattered. A year ago his wife tried to assassinate their new queen in his name, a betrayal of everything he believes in. And now an attack on his life is proof the dark conspiracy is not yet over. Although injured and weak, Aubrey can’t help but be drawn to this shy assassin and loyal protector. Xanthe is everything Naida wasn’t, and the passion she stirs in him is something he thought had long passed him by.

Warning: Take a man recovering from an assassination attempt, the assassin sworn to protect him, add in a magical Tarot card deck and an isolated cabin, and watch the sparks fly!

Click this link to get the deets on how you can win a copy –or just come back here on September 24th. Thea will be answering my questions about the series and giving away the novella.

3. Another ARC giveaway you need to check out: Steel’s Edge from Ilona Andrews. It’s the latest in the Edge series.

You can get details on how to win on Ilona’s blog. And while we are talking about Ilona… she, Gordon, Nalini Singh and Katie MacAlistar are having a big live chat Tuesday at 3pm EST. Click here to join in!

2. Registration is now open for the 2013 RT Convention in Kansas City.

The con runs from May 1-5.  And I have already booked my room and secured a roommate.  I had such a great time at AAD this year, I can’t wait to expand my convention horizons. If you are going this year, let me know, so we can visit in person!

1. And finally, a little funny to help kick your weekend off right. Check out some of the Greatest Movie Insults of All Time.

“If I had a dick, this is where I’d tell you to suck it.” God bless you, Betty White.  God bless you.


Review: Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

Reviewed by Jen**This review contains strong sexual content**

Sylvia Day has said that the characters in this book helped inspire her to write Bared to You.  So I thought the books might have a similar feel. They don’t.  Both are very sexual, to be sure, but beyond that I didn’t feel anything in this book that reminded me of that one.

Lady Jessica is a paragon of propriety.  She didn’t have much choice. Her father beat it into her at a young age.  She married a good man, a kind man. But he died young, leaving her a widow at 25.  She mourns him, but she comes to learn that he was not the love of the her life.  It’s actually the rakish Alistair who changes her life forever.

Before she ever married, Jessica witnessed Alistair in the middle of a tryst with a married woman.  She couldn’t stop herself from watching and during the act, he caught her eye.  The event never left either of them.  In fact, once Alistair learns of a trip Jess plans after her husband’s death, he makes sure to be aboard that ship.  He plans to seduce her and he wastes no time getting started.

I couldn’t really get in to the book at the beginning. Maybe it’s all time it takes to get the relationship set up. Perhaps it is simply that Jessica falls for Alistair’s charms too quickly and too easily once they are thrown together.  Maybe it was the sex.

I am down for some dirty loving. And I know Day can write some great sex. I’ve seen it in her other books. But I found the love scenes here to be over the top.  Let me give you some examples. (These are not entire scenes, just snippets.)

Jess sucked in a sharp breath, staring down at the magnificent penis thrusting so hungrily toward her…  …Notching the thick crest into her tiny slit, he pushed through the token resistance of tightness caused by her year of abstinence…  He bit back an animal sound of pleasure and fought the urge to fall upon her with a hard, deep thrust that pierced her to the womb…. That would be too quickly done, robbing her of the full awareness of his possession… It was a primitive act, one goaded by the feel of her greedy cunt pulling and sucking at the head of his cock, luring him to sink home…

Or later:

His penis was a brutal instrument of pleasure… Like a liberally oiled apparatus, tireless, his hips smoothly pistoned, shafting her tender sex with his iron-hard cock.”I can feel my semen in you. You’re soaked with it. But I have more to give you…. If only they could see you as I do,” he purred, “sprawled across a carriage squab with your skirts around your waist and your sweet, slick cunt drenched in my ejaculate and crammed full of my cock.”

I just couldn’t quite connect with it. A guy telling you that he feels you soaked with his semen? Drenched in his ejaculate? Greedy cunt? Brutal instrument of pleasure? Is it just me??? –Moving on…

I did enjoy the book a bit more in the second half, once our hero and heroine actually have feelings for each other. And I really enjoyed the secondary story involving Jessica’s sister, Hester.  I thought the abuse angle was done well… as well as the aftermath of it for both Jess and Hester.  I liked the loyalty and steadfastness between Jessica and Alistair. And I really appreciated that Day did not take the easy way out and rewrite history in the Epilogue for the HEA.

So this one was kind of a mixed bag for me.

Rating: C

*ARC Provided by Kensington Brava via NetGalley

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Seven Years to Sin
by Sylvia Day
Original Release Date: August 30, 2011
Re-Release Date: August 28, 2012
Publisher: Kensington Brava