Review: The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

Reviewed by Allison

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal, by new-to-me author Sarah Strohmeyer, weaves a tale of desperation, hilarity, true love, and finally finding yourself. Genie Michaels, a 36 year old admissions counselor, has wanted to get married for a while. She feels like it’s time and she’s paid her dues. She’s ready to get hitched to her British boyfriend, Hugh, and looks for his proposal everywhere (even in the sand as they walk hand in hand on the beach.)  She finds it – where she LEAST expects it. On a National TV show in front of millions of people while promoting his book and proclaiming his love for all to see and assume.

Except that he wasn’t proposing to her. As a matter of fact, now seems like a good time to completely smash her heart to smithereens and say she was not sexually attractive nor what he was looking for anymore.

But how do you tell THE REST OF THE NATION that your boyfriend (of four years!) who just proposed in the most romantic way, actually asked another woman to be his forever bride? Apparently, you don’t. Genie decides that it will spare everyone if they don’t know just yet… plus being treated like a bride to be turns out to be pretty special! Every one has advice, people look at you differently, take you more seriously. She is no longer a single woman, she’s a woman with a future. She might even buy a house!

Strohmeyer is hilarious. I truly enjoyed flipping all the pages to see what wacky thing Genie would do in order to cover her tracks and get back at the bastard of her ex-boyfriend. She had a lot of growing to do and it was fun to watch her become a much more secure and confident woman – everything she couldn’t be or find with Hugh. While transforming into this wonderful new person, she meets Nick, a smexy Greek god (who doubles as her brother’s friend and employee). It’s hard to describe her relationship with Nick because even though they both consider it to be true love, Strohmeyer doesn’t really delve into them that much. 90% of the book, she’s fake engaged to Hugh in order to reap the benefits. At the end they get together and it’s fireworks – but I couldn’t buy it. It didn’t have the depth I look for in those “real love” connections with my characters. However, that didn’t stop me from completely loving both of them and loving the together even more!

While it definitely took Genie too long to let the farce go, I did like how this girl got her prince in the end – I loved the last scene! I probably wouldn’t have been as calm if my girlfriend tossed two carats of diamonds into the grass! I would definitely recommend this as an end of summer beach read – it was light, fun, & silly, and I literally laughed out loud!

Grade: B+

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The Sleeping Beauty Proposal
by Sarah Strohmeyer
Release Date: June 21, 2007
Publisher: Dutton


  1. Ooooh, smexy – that’s how I like ’em. Sounds like a fun read.

  2. nice post

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