Review: They Say Love is Blind

Reviewed by Shelly

This is my second Pepper Pace novel and Pace has a new fan. When I read the blurb for this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. The concept sounded interesting, but an interesting concept does not always make a good book. This is a good book.

Overweight, but pretty, Tory is socially ostracized because of her weight. She’s been told the line every woman hates to hear “you have such a pretty face, if only you would lose some weight.”  Unfortunately, yes, people still say that. Making her isolation that much more, she’s an only-child living in another state from her parents with whom she has a very good relationship. Even more discouraging, Tory has not one iota of a social life and no friends –  zero, zilch, nada-one. All this would make you think that this poor girl is a loser, but she’s far from that.

Every morning she’s late catching her bus to get to work and every morning she has to run to catch it only to have the bus driver make that sudden lurch once the doors close. If you’ve ever ridden public transportation, you’ll know the lurch I mean (arghh). Anyhoo, one day that sudden lurch is the answer to all of Tory’s dreams – finding a man who will love all of her, not just her pretty face. On that glorious day, Tory accidentally falls into the lap of Lee Torres, fellow commuter. Then, through a series of events, Tory finds out Lee’s not-so-secret secret.

Once her relationship with Lee begins, Tory has to make some confessions that are hard, but necessary, if they’re to have a future. Tory is a girl who has been through some troubles in her life. If the mention of rape upsets or makes you uncomfortable, well then prepare to be upset or uncomfortable.

There’s really good character development in this story. Lee, who seems to have it all worked out, and Mr. I Can Take Care of Myself has his own battles to bear, both internally and with his family and even with Tory. And Tory just made me plain ole proud, when she started standing up for herself and not just to Lee’s big and boisterous family, but to the love of her life as well. It was so refreshing to see that she was not a push-over when it came to him because when Lee does some crap that rightfully pisses off Tory, she didn’t let him off easy. Oh no, although she still loved him, she made him see what he did to hurt her. Go Tory!

There are a lot of other small story lines that really complement the main one very well. Lee’s parents and many siblings were a hoot to read about. And while the antagonist is a close-knit friend there’s nothing that’s forced or unrealistic about that part of the story. And just in case you’re wondering, yeah the sex between Lee and Tory is pretty darn good.

I really enjoyed this story that emphasizes love really is blind and I’ll definitely read more from this author.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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They Say Love is Blind
by Pepper Pace
Release Date: July 21, 2012


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