DNF: Duet

Reviewed by Shelly

Having moved from Boston to Manhattan in search of new life and possibly love, twenty eight year-old Duet seems to define her entire existence by the two vaginas she’s born with. This story promised seduction, mystery and self-discovery. I didn’t get that.

Duet, who tells people she was named that because of her parents love music, is a bit of a slut while she’s searching for someone who would accept her and her two hoo-has. However, she has sex with guys on the first date and wonders why she can’t find someone who would love her for herself. I’m sorry to say that even with one hoo-ha, you can’t do that and expect the guy to come back at ya with a – ‘can’t wait to get to know you better’. I though I saw promise when she meets financier Oskar, but she performs oral sex on/for (either or, pick one) him the first on the first date. Hmmm, that’s what you do when looking for that special someone right? Ummm, that’s not all – after she’s done doing him, he turns to her and asks if she wants a drink. Say WHAT?!?

Seriously, I could not for the life of me get into reading this story past page 53 (of 225 ePub version). I wanted to just take Duet and literally beat the shit out of her. I’m not one to give up on a book, because God knows I’ve read some not-great books but I just couldn’t keep reading.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: DNF

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by Jacqueline Wally & Stephen K Haber
Release Date: April 26, 2012



  1. Just from the premise I probably would have skipped it. Can girls really have two hoo-has? I will have to google that later. But I agree sleeping with guys on the first date to find your true love is a little ridic.

  2. I downloaded the sample but no mention of the 2nd vagina. Where is it?! The books is bad, but I’m really tempted to read it.

  3. I thought a blowjob was the universal gesture for “hello, it’s nice to meet you”… You mean to tell me that it’s not. Wow.. awkward…
    “I’m sorry to say that even with one hoo-ha, you can’t do that and expect the guy to come back at ya with a – ‘can’t wait to get to know you better’.” < -- love it! HaHa
    I can’t believe it’s over 200 pages. It should be a novella with the quick work she’s making on her dates.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  4. I can’t believe you managed to DNF without at least skipping to the sex scenes to see how the magic double hoo-ha works! How is there room for all that stuff down there?

    • Jay – I was pissed about that toooooo – the sex scenes were as very brief – a sentence or two…now that I think about it, that’s part of my piss-off-icity — you can’t build that sh*t up as a subject matter without giving up the goods…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel for women that has 2 . 2 yeast infections at once? Grimreaperbites@yahoo.com

  6. Shelly, you are so brave for even attempting this one! Great review, girl 🙂

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